About Us

Wyley Hargraves and Christina Parker
are your presenters in this
life-changing seminar.

Christina is a published author of “Bodyworks” a health and lifestyle book and a Filmmaker.
Wyley is a Family Therapist and Counselor.

Soon after marrying in 1998 life was struggle. Christina and Wyley faced financial challenges, career problems as well as constant health and emotional issues. They had big dreams and never stopped believing those dreams would come true. With every challenge they conquered they got stronger.
They discovered, with hours spent in research, that by setting aside time to plan for their future and writing down their plans, a better life was possible.

Wyley and Christina wanted to share what they learned. They developed Lifeplan Seminars
so you can have the life you have always wanted.

It is possible; a better marriage, fulfilling relationships, financial stability, a growing faith, satisfying career and a strong healthy body to enjoy the life you desire.

Psalm 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

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