The 7 Dieting Sins (Part 1 of 3)

Dieting is a serious business. We all need to maintain a weight in proportion to our height, but temptation is around every corner. Chocolate croissants, slabs of bacon, fresh buttered bread, salted caramel whatevers seem to have voices calling to us tantalising our minds into our submission.
What dieting sins are you guilty of?

1. Using meal replacement shakes to lose weight.
Yes, it is possible to lose weight using meal replacement shakes but it is not a viable way to keep the weight off. To lose weight a person needs to consume two shakes for two meals a day. This leaves only one actual meal of solid food. Mouths are made and want to chew food. If you haven’t succumbed to boredom and ceased the shakes you will be tempted to eat some solid food and the shake. Then you wonder why the diet isn’t working. These diets are not long term solutions. When you return to eating solid food you will gain all the weight back again. I have never met anyone who has had long term success from meal replacement diets.

THE ANSWER IS: You need to find an eating routine that you can live with and as you age you are able to cut quantities so that you maintain your weight without gaining (because our metabolism slows down with age).

2. Not making incremental changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Stagnation will never get you healthy. Making small incremental changes to your diet and exercise routine will get you firmly on the path to a slimmer, healthier you. I’m talking about simple changes like changing to skim milk in your tea or buying organic produce or checking protein sizes by weighing your portions. Even including exercise however small on a regular basis. These kinds of incremental changes will make all the difference long term. What incremental change can you make?

 In the next blog we will talk about dieting sins 3 & 4

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