Are You a Procrastinator?


Maybe just a little. I think we all procrastinate a little.

Persistent procrastinating can be unhealthy because it clutters our subconscious with stuff we haven’t done but need to do, causing stress and tension related illnesses.
Students don’t usually pace their sudy and end up cramming for exams, limiting their potential.

I was a constant procrastinator until I realised the stress of being behind was far worse than procrastinating. Then I found joy in accomplishing tasks and being caught up.

Here are some tips to help you get on with it.
  • Is there anything we need to do? You may find a lot of things come to mind. Write them down in dot points. Writing them down takes the pressure off your mind, enabling you to proceed to the next step.
  • Then we need to ask ourselves why are we procrastinating? Are we afraid of failure, afraid of accomplishment or are we just plain stumped on how to proceed? Find out out why.

I asked myself why I couldn’t push through with a task. It was a computer problem but I pushed the problem in the filing cabinet of my brain marked FORGET ABOUT IT. Then, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t progressing on my project. It was because one element of it had become impossible (in my mind) Once I faced it, that meant taking it out of the filing cabinet in my mind and started looking at it as doable, I found out HOW to do it. It was EMPOWERING!!

  • Label each one in the order of most important and most urgent to least important and least urgent.
  • Make sure you put that list somewhere visible and somewhere you won’t lose it.
  • Look at number one on the list and see how doable it is. You may have to do more writing to plan how to tackle the task. Why have you procrastinated? Maybe you failed at accomplishing it or you don’t know where to start. Maybe you have a decided the outcome will be negative so you’ve buried it in your head. If you deny it the problem will come back and really bite you later on. Get advice if you don’t know what to do first. Look up the Internet. The Internet has really helped me with huge obstacles so give it a try.
  • Daily practice of will help you get into a rhythm.
Do what it takes to get through the tasks and stop procrastinating now.

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