Are you having a Career Crisis?

duel-fuelI’ve been driving a duel fuel car for over 15 years and realise the parallel between having a duel fuel car and having more than one job. For those of you who have never driven duel fuelled autos there is a great sense of  NEVER RUNNING OUT OF FUEL. You see if one source runs out you simply switch to the 2nd fuel source until you arrive at a service station. In the photo above you can see that there is a brass coupler to fill my car with LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and a cork that reads MOET CHANDON. No my second fuel supply is not sparkling wine! This cork is replacing my petrol (gasoline) cap temporarily. You might think of it as a temporary job while I’m looking for a new opportunity. After over 30 years in the building trades I created a primary career in Family Therapy even though I still do Handyman work, duel fuel!

Some of you might have experienced losing a job at some stage of your life and the effects being quite devastating, especially if you don’t have a 2nd job to switch to. If we are doing a job that we love and it suddenly disappears then we run the risk of having an identity crisis. Some of us get quite a lot of WHO WE ARE by WHAT WE DO! It can be a very dangerous trap, especially if I’m not my own boss. It’s hard work to sack yourself!

I have friends who have been quite shocked by retirement or redundancy as they relied too heavily on their career for identity, while others who have had interests outside of their careers to establish who they are outside of their jobs. DON’T WAIT FOR RETIREMENT OR LOSS OF A CAREER TO GET CAUGHT IN THIS TRAP! It can be quite a challenge to get out and about to find yourself apart from your job.

At last count between the two of us (Christina & Wyley) we have 10 jobs! Now many of them don’t make much money but that isn’t the most important aspect of a career. I would much rather be doing something I love and living by faith than doing something I hate and have heaps of cash. Whether you live to work or work to live is a personal decision.

Here are some pointers for getting a 2nd, 3rd or 4th career going, so you never run out of fuel!

  1. Where your talents and passion meet is your ideal career- make a list of natural talent you have and what you are passionate about- then throw that mix into your browser under “ideal job for…(add your mix),” then scroll through the results to get some ideas.
  2. See if trying a job out in a volunteer capacity will work before you invest a lot of training or job seeking, it may not be right for you.
  3. Don’t wait too long before you get that 2nd or 3rd career idea in the incubator- some jobs are so hard on your body or mind that you RUN OUT OF FUEL BEFORE THE TRIP IS OVER! Generally it takes about 3 years to see if a small business idea is viable.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different! There is no such thing as failure unless you quit, and even then you can start over with a different strategy.

Let us hear some of your career challenges and changes. Sometimes it is as easy as pushing a button, other times it is hard as pushing a tank up-hill in the mud. What is your passion? What are you good at?


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