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Here's a word from Wyley the Coyote

Here’s a word from Wyley the Coyote

I was following a number of comments about whether Australia has a class system last week. Some very interesting discussions were put forward which got me thinking… do we have a class society? i began to think about the many different cultures I’ve lived in where class dictates how far you can go socially, economically or spiritually. I thought it may have a different meaning in Australia so I put out my feelers to get a grip on the most obvious class structure in Oz. We in Australia are blessed to be free to live the lives we think are best for us within the confines of what boundaries we set. This is when My purposeful pursuit began to see the external signs of class structure. Auto religion. Yes the beloved car that we drive or don’t drive is the first class comment that I recognised.

Is what you drive who you are?

I noticed these distinct groups.

1. Luxury car drivers in their most Holy temples, generally not looking at other people while driving because they believe that everyone is looking at them!

luxury car

2. SUV drivers with not a speck of soil on their rolling temples. These big tanks barely fit in a parking space and are popular due to their safety rating ( for the drivers not for those they collide with!)


3. The major class in their Fords, Holdens, Toyotas, Mazdas, etc. Well kept and functional this is the silent middle class majority.

standard cars

4. Those who drive the classics usually classics themselves.


5. The ute tribe which includes those who have 4WD’s and actually get them properly soiled. Most of the tradies and bush bashers dwell in this domain and smiles are plastered on their faces as they joyfully frolic in the slippery mire!

muddy ute

6. The smoke bomb brigade which are a disappearing clan due to government crackdown. Smokey rebels! 

smoking car

7. All the tiny cars from a large group of our society, those wanting to save money, fuel and possible spend their ‘hard earned’ on something more meaningful.

tiny car

8. And those who chose not to drive the ‘auto atheist‘. They ride their bicycle or take public transport, walk, run or hitchhike. Anything other than being seen as a auto rider


What you give your time to is what you worship. What do you Worship?

I’ve been worshipping Jesus for 28 years and have often thought if Jesus was living in a flesh and bones body in Australia today, “what would He drive?”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this light-hearted ramble. What would Jesus Drive?


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