Does your Brain Need Washing?

Recently I went to a trendy cafe for lunch after a powerful church service. My brain had been washed and was very clean! I was having wonderful thoughts about life and people. As I walked to the sidewalk seating I overheard the people sitting next to me talking (LOUDLY) about how manipulative and controlling churches were and that religion in general was for the weak willed. I had very deep empathy for them as I could hear the pain in what they felt they were defending themselves against. If only I could have downloaded the wonderful experience I had just had less than an hour before without their prejudice distorting the experience. Their brains were full of painful past experiences, they needed a brain washing!

Now I understand that some people have had a negative experience with a church or churches. If fact I could probably find individuals who have had a negative experience with everything. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,  houses, food, water, I have even actually heard someone complain about air!  So it is possible to have a negative reaction to anything. But do we stop there or do we clean up the mess, i.e. change negative thoughts to positive?

The more I study the brain and speak with people about their thoughts, the more I am absolutely overwhelmed with the complexity and flexibility of our minds. I have never meet anyone who doesn’t need some brain washing, including me! The question is; ‘what do you want to wash your brain with?’ For every poison there is an antidote. So I believe for every negative thought pattern there is a positive response. For example, if FEAR is an overriding thought pattern, the antidote would be peace or safety. If HATE is the negative pattern (like I Hate Church), love would bring a positive change to the brain. Possibly SELF-CONDEMNATION is the problem, learn to accept who you are.

Maybe you aren’t sure what your poison is. Try thinking about the things that hold you back. For example, if you are consistently late for events maybe procrastination or distraction is the negative mind set that you are battling. Brain washing would involve thinking about why you run late for things and understanding how that affects others. Then making changes to your thinking considering how others are impacted by your actions. When your thoughts and your actions line up with what is good for you and good for others your brain is unclogged and the negative patterns fade away.

I’ve got to go, I’ve got some washing to do!


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