Changing a Faulty Belief System


Our thoughts can trap us.

We have the power to agree or disagree with our words and thoughts.
Belief systems can trap us if our belief system is faulty.

I remember believing in faulty belief system that kept me from reaching my potential as a musician. Many years ago I auditioned for the worship band in my church. A few days later the worship pastor rang to ask me if I could play Sunday night at 6pm. I was thrilled but on the night I was running late and arrived as they were playing. I got on stage and played. After the service the pastor loudly reprimanded me for not coming at 4pm for practice and arriving so late. I told him he never said to come at 4 but he didn’t listen and even though I apologised he walked away upset with me. Not long after, I was asked to direct a play in church and began. I would smile at the worship pastor and because we never spoke again I rationalized that I was not meant to be in the worship team everything was fine with us and I was meant to be in the theatrical department. I was happy with my thinking. But was unhappy when it carried on for years and into another church. I felt I had talents to offer that were not being fullfilled. Finally God showed me my reasoning was false, that I was really afraid. The hurt from the past kept me a prisoner in a cell of fear. I auditioned straight away and was gratefully accepted into the music team.

Rick and Me

Challenge your belief systems now.
What faulty belief systems are keeping you trapped and what are you going to believe? We are scared to go there because we are afraid of what we will find. What is the worst thing that could happen? I asked myself this question before I auditioned. For 3 days I had my bass guitar glued to me practicing 2 songs. My leg hurt from sitting with the heavy guitar on it. I asked the question,  “What would happen if I don’t make the grade?” The answer was scary. What would it say about me as a musician? What about all those years as a professional muso? Was I kidding myself? I kept practicing anyway. Then I heard God say to me. “You know you’re not going to be playing those 2 songs in the audition”. I thought wow that’s so true here’s me worried, practicing my heart out and I’m not even going to be playing the songs. It helped me to relax, I still wanted to be ready. And I didn’t play those songs. I played easy rhythms and was accepted on the day. That day was the beginning of an exciting time playing, learning, praising God and I am so grateful I didn’t give in to fear.

Don’t be afraid. Ask the tough questions.

What faulty belief systems are holding you back? I’d like to hear your thoughts…


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