Christmas Joy or Just Busy



It’s very easy to lose your joy at Christmas. The busyness of the season can make you lose your peace.
What are your expectations of Christmas?
This year my husband expected to buy gifts for people in need overseas instead of wasting money on presents we don’t need for the family. But my 21 year old daughter expected to open presents. Already we have a conflict of interests. I on the other hand expect an enjoyable peaceful Christmas. So I wanted them to settle their issue so I could have the Christmas I wanted.

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed scale things back.
  • Keep family traditions they are important. We have a tradition of me playing the piano while everyone sings one Carol then we each open a present then sing a Carol and on until all the presents are open. Although with family working Christmas Eve this year we are having a Christmas Breakfast and will continue with our tradition in the morning, that is if the neighbors don’t complain about the noise.
While writing this blog overseas I have learnt a very important thing about Christmas. A lovely lady I met in Kuala Lumpur shared with me her joy of Christmas. She took pleasure in the simple things, like a Christmas song on the car radio. She marvelled at the street decorations and you could feel a love for the true meaning of Christmas behind it all that captured my imagination.  It took me away from my selfish thoughts and anxieties and brought me back to why we celebrate. I had let the commercialism cloud my thinking. My lovely friend had reminded me in a beautiful way that behind every Christmas reference was the birth of our Lord Jesus.


Merry Christmas.

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