Don't Compare Yourself With Others!

Compare what Me?

Do you find yourself looking at your life and comparing it to others? Or maybe you just look at happy people on Social Media and feel like you are missing out on events or celebrations that others are having. Comparison with others creates pressure. If we compare our lives and circumstances with others this creates two distinct possibilities of building pressure in your life. A hot head instead of a cool cucumber!

1. If we lose the comparison it deflates our self worth and lowers our self-esteem. This can result in envy, jealousy, and sadness. Trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’s ‘ will only end in tears.

2. If we win the comparison we raise ourself above someone and miss an opportunity to help them, if they want help. We can also take on a monster called PRIDE. Pride can be alright if it leads to gratitude, but more often it puffs us up to create a false identity.  It takes extra energy to maintain a false identity, and counters the most powerful characteristic of HUMILITY. So not only is comparing exhausting, but we can be robbed of humility.

So no matter what side of the tracks you’re from, what your bank balance is, or what car you drive; to compare yourself to others will only be exhausting and deflating. Your energy will be better invested in being the best you can be by  developing strategies to remain WHO YOU ARE DESPITE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. A cool cucumber!

  • So if you want more peace, don’t compare!
  • By becoming mindful of yourself and others you will see how you fit in with the world around you.
  • Practice awareness of pressure that may be building within you and do something about things in your control, even if what you do is a small adjustment.
  • Circumstances that are out of your control… learn to let them go. Don’t worry about tomorrow, when it comes you will be cool when you’ve done all you can.
Here's a word from Wyley the Coyote

Here’s a word from Wyley the Coyote

I’d like to hear about your experiences comparing yourself to others.

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