On the Edge of Seventeen or just feel like it?

How do you gear up for a good life?

I have found the 20’s are a pivotal decade in a person’s life and it’s the choices we make in our teens that can help, a lot. I wish I had realised that when I was in my 20’s actually now I think about it, I remember I dreaded my thirtieth birthday. I didn’t realise why until it dawned on me. At the time I was divorced, living in a rented flat with my 2 year old son and I was struggling to find work. Back in my teens I believed that when I grew up I would have a career, a happy marriage and own a house, white picket fence (you get the picture). Well obviously grown up, to me meant 30. Thirty signaled the defining age where I was a mature adult and I didn’t like what I saw.

And I’ve struggled to attain financial freedom, a happy family and great career and a fulfilling spiritual life ever since. So if you want a good life with meaning and choices you need to get ready for it in your teens. Listen up; parents of teens and the much older teen. (yes there is one in all of us)

Like Nadine in the film The Edge of Seventeen who had to make the hard decisions, so must we.

How do you do that?

  1. Make wise decisions. Influenced by good counsel. Like who you will marry. I know this sounds weird but all those raging hormones could lead you to make wrong choices. This is a huge one because if you get it wrong divorce is painful and if there are children involved that ex will never be out of your life. Even if physically they are, you will notice that your children will exhibit behaviours and mannerisms associated with the problem parent.
  2. Divorce messes with your self worth, which causes you to make other bad choices. (Just look at some of, most of, my ex boyfriends and romantic attachments.) I can still feel the twinges of pain.
  3. Get career focused. Even if you are not sure what to do. Study what interests you. Do you VCE or high school diploma, go to night school, what ever the equivalent is in your country or do a trade course or apprenticeship if you are more hands on.
  4. Be a smart partier. Getting drunk can put you in dangerous situations, make really bad choices, lose friends, make the wrong friends and wake up feeling like you want to die. I’m not saying don’t have fun. I’m saying dance, talk to people and remember the conversations, enjoy music, let go. Always be in control. If you can’t stay sober you will need to ask the question, ‘why do you need alcohol? ‘
  5. Get knowledge, read good books, take good advice. Be open, don’t close yourself off to new ideas and influences.
  6. Work on your self esteem. Read positive affirmations daily (share our “10 Days To Feeling Better About Yourself” e-program). Do things you enjoy daily. Depression is not the new cool.

Even though times change people don’t, I could really relate to Nadine in the The film The Edge of Seventeen. Although I didn’t make the same choices she did, I can say I have learnt from it. But it would be nice to not make the wrong choices in the first place.

Are you listening teens, parents, everyone?

written by Christina  (please note trailer for movie has suggestive language and swearing)


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