Hands of Peace or Panic?


While finishing a bathroom renovation for a client awhile back I noticed something about my hands. My hands have served me well and I am grateful for them. They were sending me a message last week that hopefully you can relate to.

This ‘reno’ I was doing was an hour and a half away from home so I was desperately working to get the place ready for a new tenant. Heaps of little tasks to finish the job had me in a panic. Calking, painting, repairing and hanging doors and of course CLEAN-UP, PACK-UP! And there were my hands; almost quivering with this nervous energy TO GET THINGS DONE!

Stop and look at your hands for a moment…aren’t they wonderful! Think of all the things you can do with them! Typing. tickling, push-ups, power-tools, painting, praying (laying on of hands) speaking (sign), touching, playing an instrument…the list goes on! Human lives are saved everyday by surgeons hands. My hands gave me a clear message while rushing to finish this renovation.

My hands were saying, “Don’t lose your peace!” Without peace you will lose productivity.

Now Christina and I (Wyley) are passionate about planning. Although we blog about many things our passion is to see people get an absolutely amazing life by creating a Lifeplan. What is a Lifeplan? It is a written document that you create (in partnership with God if you are a believer) that covers 5 main areas of your life. 1. Relationships (of all kinds) 2. Finance  3. Career 4. Health (both mental and Physical) 5. Spirituality.

We will be offering an opportunity to purchase over 3 hours of videos to teach you and guide you through the process of Life Planning. Watch this space for that offer with heaps of extras that will assist your planning, and be thinking about others who could benefit from a clear concise direction in their lives.

Now, look back at your hands. What is the plan for your hands today? Are they Hands of Peace or Panic?

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