Hope, do you have it?

Is the lack of hope dragging you down?

As you know I am still working on my filmmaking career. So for me hope is crucial even though l may be rejected. I was wondering why this year is so hard especially as I have less commitments than last year. In January, I submitted scripts so now l am just working, so why do I feel so low? When l looked at the extra work l did last year, they were geared towards hopeful results. Instead, one project is still yet to see fruit while the other has had minimal success and needs more work. But not as well as I’d hoped. (I’ve had to restart work in this area. Ahhhh). This year I can see my work doesn’t have a lot of hope involved and I am struggling to have hope in the restarted project. And that is the reason everything in life feels so hard.

If something that you do doesn’t have hope attached then is there another pay off? Joy for example or sense of accomplishment? Maybe it is something else but there must be a pay off somewhere and hope can always the springboard.
  • Maybe your hope is like my restarted project, it needs to grow. Keep chomping away at it. Put fun into it so the payoff is not bound to its success, rather it’s the process of enjoyment.
  • Be realistic when making goals. You are not someone else. And your situation is different so don’t compare. I think that was my problem. Unrealistic expectations always leads to pain and a loss of hope.
  • In the Bible there are many verses on hope. Maybe it would help to do a Bible study on HOPE. One verse gives the definition of hope. It says, Hope is believing in something you can’t see. Sometimes that is pretty hard to do. So I look back and remember God’s promises to me that He has fulfilled. They were impossible but God made them possible. He is the God of the impossible.

Keep hope alive resuscitation is painful.


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