Humility, Do we have Enough?


Are we losing the battle to be humble or don’t we care?

The meaning of the the word humility is “the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance”.
synonyms: modesty, humbleness, modestness, meekness, lack of pride, lack of vanity, diffidence, unassertiveness.

We live in a world where technology pushes our thoughts, pictures, very being, OUT THERE to the world. Writing a Blog, could be construde as having an opinion or observation that people would be interested in reading. It doesn’t sound like having a modest or low view of one’s importance. But where there is new technologies there must be a greater responsibility for us to keep a modest view of one’s importance.

Humility 2If we take the time to do something for someone else, it has a dual effect, it makes the person feel good and it makes us feel good. We need to take the ME out of the situation.

Oh no, I have done it again. I have walked out my front door into my yard. My neighbour has passed by without waving at me, and straight away I had the thought that she doesn’t like me. I have turned a simple situation into an issue that involves me. Then when they do it again I am convinced they hate me. I have created a problem between us where none exists, and I have thought badly about a neighbour. Not very humble. Now if I were to think about that neighbour. Maybe she didn’t see me, maybe she had her mind on pressing issues, maybe she was in a bad place at that time. The focus is now off me and about them. It could even open the door to ideas on brightening her day by sharing with her some cakes I have just made. Humility opens doors.

When we are humble we open the door to see that someone else’s opinion could be better than our own. Allowing for an agreeable collaboration of ideas and influence.

We can’t just hope we have humility, we need to practice humility every day. BECOME  OTHERS FOCUSSED. Don’t be afraid to speak to the relative or friend we have been avoiding. It takes courage but it is always worth it.

I have to put phoning people on my to do list. I am terrible at ringing people. I have just begun contacting one of my cousins in England. We have never met but because her mother and my father died close together, through another cousin we have begun to communicate. I have no other blood relatives other than my son in Australia so this new contact has meant a lot to me. So much that I put off calling her. I get all the negative voices in my head saying, “it’s not the right time”, “I’m intruding”, “she doesn’t want to hear from me” etc. But when I do ring I am thrilled and we have a lovely heartfelt conversation. Another friend of mine is battleing a threatening illness and loves it when I call. So putting my self centered negatives and selfishnesses aside I call because as mother Teresa say’s there is nothing that can hurt when you are humble because you know who you are.


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