In all things be Thankful!

Do you make a conscience effort to be thankful? The North American Holiday of Thanksgiving has just passed by this year. Normally our family celebrates this awesome holiday to get together as family, invite some friends who haven’t been before and reflect on what we are thankful for from the year. This year we have had to postpone due to the dreaded flu ūüôĀ (I’m trying to be thankful for this!)

I’m asking the question because as I look around me I’m really not seeing a lot of thankfulness. There is so much that is taken for granted. Movies on demand, fast cars full of gadgets, games, phones that think for themselves, Centrelink. You name it. Many seem to live an entitled life, that is a life that we believe we are entitled to have something just because we are alive. Sadly there is no truth in that belief. Living doesn’t entitle you to anything. If it were possible to ask someone who isn’t alive they would tell you! Being alive should make us grateful. But do we take life for granted? An entitlement?

I have started a thankful journal to help stay focused on what I have instead of what I haven’t. A place I write what I am thankful for that day.
I find I am more perceptive during the day. I look for wonder, beauty, kindness, the unusual and it makes me thankful. Even as I sit with a student who is doing exams in my job as a learning assistant, I am grateful that I can sit and pray for the student to do their best. I can pray for other students and I feel blessed. When we start to see the beauty in little things it changes our perspective. It increases our perception of the world at large and takes the focus of what I may feel I don’t have. It makes us able to let go of our worries, when that happens we experience¬†joy. Yes joy! Not happiness, joy! Joy is better than happiness because it is a state of being, not a fleeting feeling. It is a definite upgrade from happiness and joy is the by-product of being Thankful!
Cultivate thankfulness and you will reap joy. What are you thankful for?

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