In Pursuit of the Perfect Scone


Here it is, my third attempt at the perfect scone.

Last time I liked the lemonade but I thought I would alter it slightly. This recipe made 8 scones.  It consisted of 2 cups flour Self Raising,  half a cup cream, half a cup lemonade, half a teas salt, (really needs it) and a quarter of a cup castor sugar.

The dough was not as sticky as the others, which is good for your hands. And when baked looked very nice and brown. As you can see .


I would have liked more height. The warm scone tasted nice, no horrible after taste. But I felt they were too sweet. Once cold they also tasted too sweet. So the extra sugar really isn’t a good idea.

Bake them and let me know what you think. I’m still hunting for the


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