"I Know Better, I've Been There."

Ever had someone, it’s generally a person who doesn’t know you well, start telling you they know what’s best for you because they’ve been there? Well I’m sure you have.

Those words can be fantastically helpful or poison especially when it has to do with your dream or passion.

It is well intentioned but the problem is that they don’t know you, they don’t have all the history or see how you have developed as a person.
Their situation may sound similar but it’s their situation not yours.
I’ve had some good advise like the time I had been waiting eight years for the right man to marry. My friend, who had become engaged, had also waited eight years. Now that was comforting information and gave me hope. And Wyley came along within months. But when they tell you the dream you have had for 20 years is not going to happen and you should give up, or that all the pain you are going through is your fault because you messed up the karma. Refrain from wanting to put your hands firmly around their neck and squeezing.

Do wait for the right moment to verbally give it to them, in love. Timing is everything. Pray about it. Maybe it’s not worth it and maybe it is, for their benefit. And I mean their benefit. Not you taking revenge.
Because letting it go may be the right way to go.

If you are inclined to give people unwanted advice then first before speaking, ask yourself will this advice edify the person or hurt them? Is it better left unsaid? Christians can have a big problem with this, because they want to help and they feel that God is giving them the words to speak. Please pray and prayer in conjunction with fasting can help you sort out wether this is from God or not. Advise that isn’t in the Bible and from your own experience, needs careful prayer before speaking. You may find silence is the best option.

Written by Christina 

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