Is your life like an AMUSEMENT Park?


Recently I spent some time at Luna Park (Both Melbourne and Sydney have these old school amusement parks) and thought about the features of the park. What is it that draws people to an amusement park? Obviously people want to be amused but this time around I had a different perspective that you might find amusing, I hope so anyway.

This visit was a 4 hour gastronomical delight on the Ferris Wheel that included 4 courses of 5 star food with matching wines and white linen service, all in the privacy of our gondola. But what I want to share with you is about the various attractions at the park and what makes them attractive. Four hours on a Ferris Wheel gives you a lot of time to think!

  • The Merry-go-Round. This ride reminded me of people who don’t take risks. They don’t mind the routine life that goes round and round without change of scenery. No real highs, no real lows, just sitting pretty with bright lights and happy music. Some of my life has been like this, but I never feel fulfilled when I step off the Merry-go-Round. I want more out of life.
  • The Roller Coaster or Mad Mouse This is a bit more exciting! A few more risks involved here as I have brief views from the top then zooming down into a frenzied view of the underbelly of a fast paced life. Thrills and anticipation as I climb to the next summit knowing that soon this ride will be over and I’ll want to look for the next big thrill. Momentarily satisfying but no real fulfillment. Usually once is enough.
  • The Distortion Mirrors. You know the curved mirrors that make you look different than you really are. I can be super tall and thin, or short and squat, I can even look like an alien if I position my self right. These mirrors remind me of the different ways I have seen myself through life. Seeing my self from other peoples opinions and comments, or from negative self talk; it all comes down to a distorted view of who I am. While these mirrors can be a lot of laughs they are a reminder to focus on who I really am. Fun, but not real.
  • The Carnival Games. There are the rubber duckies, clown heads turning from side-to-side with gaping mouths, ring toss, darts, and assorted ball games. The carney promises great things, ‘do this and win the prize!’. A bit like tattslotto isn’t it, on a slightly sleazy scale. I can be driven to want something big for a small investment. But the reality of getting anything out of life that is decent requires a genuine commitment.
  • The Ferris Wheel. This ride is probably the closest to real life. There are highs and lows and the view from the top is certainly better than ground level. I’m assigned a gondola with my lovely wife that frames our married life together. Yes there are always issues to discuss in the gondola. But with patience and kindness we seem to come to resolutions when the centre of the wheel is secure.  Sometimes there are moments of silence and wonder, at that time you know you are experiencing real joy. This is a picture of our faith in God, all the highs and lows are centred around Him.

Next time you visit the amusement park have a good look around. Maybe you will get a picture of your life.

Fairy floss (cotton candy) or 5-star dinner, anyone?


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