Love VS. Fear, The Biggest Battle of All Time

2014-04-17-16-14-44-1Love vs Fear is the biggest battle of all time!
That battle is the theme of movies, song, and almost every classic ever written. What are your favorite movies? Can you see an element of love overcoming fear and moving the hero to choose conquest over retreat? One of my favorites is “Pay it Forward” when the hero is stabbed by a bully when he stands up for his friend. He faces his fear, it costs him his life, but it is a movie. What about songs, there are so many with the theme of going after the one you love regardless of the confusion and fear of rejection. And yes most of the great classics are about love being the motivating force to overcome all odds, Shakespeare would have been stuffed without this massive conflict that has been with humanity from the beginning. Every time someone loves someone else they have to battle some elements of fear however subtle they may be. LOVE IS RISKY!

You see real love is about what you can give and run the risk of getting nothing in return. Real love is about courage and knowing if you go for it, you might not get what you want but you will get what you need! Our identity is tied to the way we love others, when you step out in love and leave fear behind, you will grow in confidence and self-worth.

Part of the problem is the english we use. The word Love has really lost it’s meaning to some degree . I love beer and I love my footy team and I love finding a parking spot near the door. See what I mean? I love my wife and it is the same word but a totally different meaning.

Here are a few kinds of love that might improve your ‘love language’.
  • A strong feeling of affection or warmth
  • Besotted with desire and passion
  • A great interest or partiality to someone or something
  • Unconditional, sacrificial, non-negotiable devotion to someone or something

You can see that that word Love can get you into trouble! Love is risky! It has the power to change you and those around you!

Love doesn’t make sense sometimes, to love the unlovable(?), but what are the options? Either we choose to love or we don’t. The absence of love is the presence of fear. So what is  fear about?

The acronym commonly associated with FEAR is; FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL! Fear can feel so real it is overwhelming, even to the point of being paralyzed. Many years ago I woke up nearly every morning with a fear so tangible that I felt like I couldn’t breathe! It was terrible! There wasn’t anything to be afraid of but the fear felt very real. I knew I needed help to understand and overcome this dilemma. I talked things through with a counsellor and it made things a bit better but my big breakthrough came unexpectedly.

I was reading a Bible and a sentence really stood out to me. “I sought the Lord and He delivered me from all my fears.” Ps. 34:4 Really? It sounded too easy after fighting this demon for so long.
That sentence changed my life! I sensed that now I had help, that I wasn’t alone and the Lord had my back. This crippling fear passed and I had a deep understanding that it was not real in the first place. Simply stated God loves me, I love God, fear goes away. Love never fails!

But loving humans is not so simple! So now when I run out of my power, I look to a Higher Power! And now, ‘loving others as I would want to be loved’, isn’t scary at all! It’s empowering!
This kind of Love is a commitment and an action to follow that commitment!
Fight the fear and Go find someone to love!

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