Miracles Part 1













(Continuing our series on Spiritual Warfare)

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful if miracles really happened?

If untreatable sickness and disease, could be healed by a simple prayer we would spend half the day on bended knee and the rest rejoicing. That, of course, depends on what our expectation of a miracle really is. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. To limit miracles as only large impossible feats would mean we are limiting God to what we believe he is capable. I suppose that is saying we humans can deal with the little tasks of living on the planet, without interrupting the God of the universe—no little task at all. God likes to be included in our lives. He wants us to come to him in all our emotions and situations, especially when we need a miracle.

Fourteen years ago I experienced my first miracle. I was plagued with asthma, the people in my office had little compassion for a person who would walk in the door coughing and wheezing, only to walk out moments later. Friends with faith began to pray for me. One particular occasion, while praying someone said they saw a spiritual hand over my nose and mouth. Another prayer team member, spoke out using the authority of Jesus (as we have spoken about in previous articles) and cut the hand off me. From that day till now I do not have asthma. I went to my doctor a week later and he took me off all my asthma medication. The enemy has tried to give it back to me. There were a couple of times I felt the tightness in my chest and the tell-tale cough but after I told it to, “go in the name of Jesus Christ,” the symptoms left me.

How do I get a miracle? There is no, one answer fixes all problems. No matter how hard we try for our healings or miracles sometimes God has other plans for us. In the last few years I have suffered from a lower disk bulge which God hasn’t healed yet but he has shown me ways of living pain free. In that journey, I have learnt many things, I love to swim and daily exercise has kept me fit. I would not have received these benefits if God had healed me.

There are things we can be aware of so there can be no hindrances to our miracles. One is unconfessed sin in our lives, another is demonic oppression (like the spiritual hand over my face). When we worry we are saying we don’t believe God can help us. Past disappointments can also undermine our faith. Keep close to God, saturate your life with his word. Rejoice even if the healing or miracle does not come. God wants us to be content in all things. It doesn’t mean we stop trying, it means we are to be at peace in all circumstances.

It doesn’t stop here in Part 2 I talk about the number one antagonist to Miracles so stay tuned to our next blog…


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