Movie: Exodus Gods & Kings


As a filmmaker I was privileged to go to a pre-screening of “Exodus: God’s and Kings”. My husband and I waved to Geoffrey Rush as we sat down. I’m sure the amount of times we have seen him at premiers that one day if/when I do meet him, he will respond “Oh yes we’ve met before”.

Getting back to the film…

As a Christian, who has read biblical account of Exodus, the film does change a few facts.  One being; instead of 40 years of exile the film changes it to 9. I don’t have a problem with the changes because a film has to elaborate and interprete the facts in light of its audience as well as the information given in the Bible, which isn’t very much at all.

Real life sometimes just doesn’t seem real in a film. When I think of my life if it was a film there is no way anyone would believe it. So when God speaks to a person, it is always a difficult task to portray this in film, it just comes over as phony. In this film they make God a little boy which I think works and gets the message across.

There is another scene where Moses leads the Israelites into a rebellion against the Egyptians which isn’t in the Bible. But because Moses was groomed to be a leader that would have been a correct response on his part but God says to him that it isn’t the way. This is what I do most of the time. I go off on my own assumptions of what should be done instead of asking God what is the correct way to handle the situation. Mine is usually wrong 99% of the time. So this film shows us God’s ways are not our ways but they are the right way. I just would have liked an explanation on why God chose those plagues. I know it was to discredit the gods of Egypt but would someone who doesn’t know the story understand that? It took me quite a bit of Bible study before I understood it.


Anyway, I think this film honours God, shows his majesty and projects His love for His people.

Check it out for yourself and let me know

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