Fasting for the New Year

Generally I always start off the year with  fasting. I want to know what God thinks about the year ahead, I would like some of my difficult prayer needs to have extra power and fasting is the way. It puts the ooomph in the prayers. I always need reminding fasting is not the easy way. It’s hard. I don’t always fast the same way; sometimes not eating, sometimes eating only fruits and vegetables, sometimes it’s a fast of the eyes and ears. This type means no media or television and of course there are many others. But not eating is tough. It’s supposed to be hard. When I am into the  first few days of the fast, that’s when the complaining starts and I start thinking it wasn’t a good idea. That is what I thought this year. After having a... Read More

Waking up with Negative thoughts?

Have you ever woken up with negitive thoughts? I have! I went though a season in my life that was filled with self-condemnation and anxious thoughts.  As if there wasn’t a “good side of the bed” to get up on! Nearly every day for months I woke on “the wrong side” of the bed.  It was wearing me out! During that time I was going through some big changes;  home life wrecked by multiple separations ending in divorce, not much time with my kids, unstable income and I didn’t have a support network of family and friends. I felt quite alone, except while I was praying. Needless to say, I spent a lot more time talking to God. I knew something had to change when my boss pulled me aside and said to me, “Wyley, you are a good guy but you are a... Read More

Moving the Fences around our Mind

Do you have fences around your mind, holding your dreams captive? Hopelessness we’ve all felt it. There is nothing to look forward to when we have tried to change our circumstance but nothing works. When Hopelessness sets in, our first response is to get angry, after anger disapates we begin to feel sad. Sadness can lead to depression or it can get even worse – We begin to accept our situation. We accept our mediocrity and stop trying. We stop dreaming and we only see what’s around us. We only believe the here and now. In the movie Chicken Run, Ginger, the head chicken, dreams of being free and not living in a chicken farm. Even though she and the other chickens plan, execute and fail at their attempt to escape the chickens in the... Read More

CONTENTMENT: one of the must haves for 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR Hopefully we’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. We have had a lot of fun with family and friends. We’ve recieved presents, some we need and some we could do without and now is the time for post Christmas sales. So we can buy more things we don’t really need. It’s been a hectic time for most of us and now it’s time to take a few deep breaths and relax. Contentment is one of the most necessary items we need. Forget the latest game or gadget, it’s true contentment that embraces peace, rest and recuperation with a feeling of imense joy and satisfaction. As we head towards a new year come to terms with contentment in your life. This world is out of control, always seeking to get to the destination as fast as possible in every... Read More

The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

The most amazing and outrageous gift is one you don’t have to stand in a queue for, it won’t burden your finances and you will feel fabulous giving it away! But it won’t fit under the tree 🙂 The more I think about it, the more stunned I am. It gives blessings that are undeserved and withholds punishment even when it is deserved. It’s absolutely the greatest gift you can give someone and it’s free! This gift is called MERCY. It is a word that has almost been lost in our modern culture but for a few circles of humanity. The definition is: compassion or forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within one’s power to punish, withdrawal from, or harm. It doesn’t make sense but it is what Christmas is really all about. That is Christ!... Read More

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