A Stocktake of Life

Stocktake, #*1/2$3?$@! have you ever had to spend countless hours counting widgets and putting a number in a little box? Occasionally we need to take stock, but taking stock of something far more important than widgets! Take stock of your LIFE! We can become too hard on ourselves and forget how far we’ve come. Before I talk about self stocktaking I need to ask the question… Are you growing? I don’t mean physically, I’m mean spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and relationally. If not, you’ll have nothing to compare as you may be in a season of levelling out. But you can start now. Take pen and paper and note down how you are going in those areas mentioned above. The next step is make a plan to grow even if you tackle just one small area at a... Read More

Best Blueberry Pancakes you’ve ever tasted!

These pancakes are gluten & dairy free. Yes I have tasted many pancakes but these are the best I’ve ever eaten. I am not joking. Try them out and tell me what you think. In the last 5 weeks I have had to go completely gluten & dairy free. I love bread and have just conquered making the best pastry so I wasn’t happy when I had to quit cheating and go cold turkey gluten and dairy free. Now I am changing recipes because I am not compromising taste. And yes I’ll have to find the best gluten free scone recipe too. But for right now this is the best Blueberry Pancake Recipe Ever: INGREDIENTS I cup low fat lactose free milk 2 teaspoon lemon juice I egg 1 cup combined (plain gluten free flour, 1 tablespoon coconut flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder) 1/2 cup... Read More

Christmas anyone?

Above is our gorgeous daughter Lily and our poodle Redmond Christmas can be a hard time for some people, even for most of us who look forward to Christmas, it can be a busy and stressful period. Christmas can bring up loneliness, missing lost loved ones, work stress,  the uncertainty of what the coming year may bring, problem relatives, money issues and too much to do. We can lose the festive cheer and the reason for the season. Christmas is a wonderful gift to us. God gave Jesus the Christ (Saviour, redeemer) so we could be reconciled to God. If we start by thinking of it as a gift, given to us by a loving father, then maybe it can give us the impetus to look for ways to overcome our seasonal problems. Firstly Identifying your problem areas is a must. You can’t... Read More

In all things be Thankful!

Do you make a conscience effort to be thankful? The North American Holiday of Thanksgiving has just passed by this year. Normally our family celebrates this awesome holiday to get together as family, invite some friends who haven’t been before and reflect on what we are thankful for from the year. This year we have had to postpone due to the dreaded flu 🙁 (I’m trying to be thankful for this!) I’m asking the question because as I look around me I’m really not seeing a lot of thankfulness. There is so much that is taken for granted. Movies on demand, fast cars full of gadgets, games, phones that think for themselves, Centrelink. You name it. Many seem to live an entitled life, that is a life that we believe we are entitled to have something just because we... Read More

WARNING! Is technology making you more lonely?

With all the technology at the moment we can lure ourselves into thinking we are more connected with people than ever before. Most of us have phones, tablets and/or computers with people connecting using programs like Facebook, email, twitter, messager, and all kinds of programs to group people, or find people, or photograph people. So why doesn’t the phone ring anymore? I remember when each household had a home phone that was used to speak to people and listen. A local phone call would only cost a set price no matter how long you spoke. People would call each other for all kinds of reasons, sometime just to have a chat, (what a concept). Those days are gone. That is not to say that digital advances aren’t beneficial, to be able to use social media, do business,... Read More

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