Lessons from The Edge of Tomorrow

Have you seen the movie The Edge of Tomorrow? If not maybe you should. I couldn’t believe how many life lessons I could learn from a sci fi film. It’s a story about Cage an officer that has been sent to kill aliens in France. These aliens, called Mimics, are super bad guys who are taking over the world, even when the good guys have extra kick arse terminator like armour and weaponry. The problem is Cage gets killed but wakes up the day before the battle. This repeats over and over. Every day he goes off to battle he dies and wakes up the day before. He finds out that he has to stay alive long enough to find the main Mimic and kill it. It’s much harder than it sounds. Wow! I wouldn’t like that to happen to me. He has to constantly find ways to overcome... Read More

The Best Low Fat Omelette

It’s our personal favourite! Whole egg omelettes always make me (Christina) feel sick. I don’t understand why. I love scrambled eggs, they don’t make me feel sick but whole egg omelettes do. It’s weird I know. For years I’ve heard of egg white omelettes and thought YUK! Then I tried one but not any old egg white omelette, an asparagus and goats cheese egg white omelette. YUM! Stacks of nutritious protein and vitamins without the fat. Save your comments for after you taste. Asparagus and Goat Cheese Egg White Omelette Allow 2-3 Egg Whites per person (use the egg yolks for moisturising your hair, or making your own mayonnaise see below) Add a little water, salt and pepper then beat together. Add a little coconut oil (or if you don’t have... Read More

Renovation of ALL SORTS of Relationships

How are your relationships going? Usually when that question is asked people who are in a permanent relationship with a partner go instantly to that relationship and analyze it. Those who aren’t in a permanent relationship usually face the tension of either being content with their own company or the sadness of being alone. But in this blog let’s expand the relationship definition to included all sorts of relationships! For those reading this from overseas the wonderful confectionary in the photo is available in Australia and called “All Sorts“, yum! 4 Keys to Healthy Relationships John Gottman, who is a world leader in relationships, suggests 4 key elements to a healthy relationship. 1. Respect 2. Negotiation 3. Emotional honesty 4. Common values Easy to... Read More

Being Content Brings Happiness :)

Did you know there is a subtle way to have happiness that many overlook? The state of being discontent is like that line from Billy Idol’s song… she cried more, more more! That is the sound of unhappy dissatisfaction! Now I’m not saying that to cry out… less, less, less is going to put a smile on your face. It’s actually okay to want more out of life, in fact part of our passion is to see people achieve greatness in all areas of their lives. (Click here to view video #1 about getting balance in life.   And video #2 here about setting goals) To be satisfied with where you’re at at the moment; even though you would like to be in a better place, is what brings a state of being content.   There is power in being content and power brings happiness!... Read More

Health Fads, do they work?

Are you a sucker for health or beauty fads? Do you buy the latest exercise gadget or follow the latest diet or buy that beauty product in the hope that you will lose that weight, look gorgeous or get fit. And I’m not just talking to the ladies here. You guys are just as fast to flash the cash for a high flying fad. I can’t say that all fads don’t work. It depends on what it is. That exercise equipment will help you lose weight and tone up if you use it and if it’s the right type for your body. But simply buying an exercise bike, treadmill or weight machine will not help you if you don’t use it. Fad diets won’t work long term. Boredom and missing nutrients will take its toll. When we fall for a fad it is because we have fallen for some pitch... Read More

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