Are You a Procrastinator?

Maybe just a little. I think we all procrastinate a little. Persistent procrastinating can be unhealthy because it clutters our subconscious with stuff we haven’t done but need to do, causing stress and tension related illnesses. Students don’t usually pace their sudy and end up cramming for exams, limiting their potential. I was a constant procrastinator until I realised the stress of being behind was far worse than procrastinating. Then I found joy in accomplishing tasks and being caught up. Here are some tips to help you get on with it. Is there anything we need to do? You may find a lot of things come to mind. Write them down in dot points. Writing them down takes the pressure off your mind, enabling you to proceed to the next step. Then we need to ask... Read More

Friendship? (meaning?)

I’m starting to get confused by the word friendship. Maybe it should be called expect-ship because we seem to expect a lot from friends and get disappointed when people don’t fulfil our expectations. I think this is one of the main reasons friendships often don’t last. Why do we constantly get disappointed? It’s because we humans are needy creatures. We need acceptance. When we make a new friend, that need is met. We are instantly accepted. As the relationship grows this need of acceptance get gratified. We need to be wanted and when our new friend asks for advise or help we can tick another need off the list. In turn we need advice or help and when we get it it ticks another box but our expectations grow.  We need edification. It’s wonderful when... Read More

Traits we HATE in people Part 2

To continue from our last blog (and if you haven’t seen it, check it out) we will discuss 3 more unfavourable traits you don’t want to have if you want to be liked.  These are: THE WHINER  is the person that will complain about everything, and I mean everything. They will make you want to slit your wrists. This person seems to exaggerate the negative. Why? Maybe they are dissatisfied with life or as I’ve just said (in the previous post), maybe they want some sympathy. We all want that sometimes. If you lean towards this trait, ask yourself is it possible to exaggerate the good you see instead? And why do you need to spread your negativity? Do you want someone to agree with you? Because they may not. Do you want people to care? They won’t, if fact there is a... Read More

Traits we HATE in people Part 1 (Could this be you?)

To be liked by people we have to cultivate favourable traits. And there are traits we simply have to erase from our personality. These are: THE TALKER You know the person who never shuts up. The person who, when you meet them, you know you’ll never get away in a hurry. That’s not the right impression you want to give someone. They may not want to hear all your news. After all, it is your news not theirs. If you tend to talk a little too much how about trying a different tactic, ask them how they are. If they give you a one word answer, ask them another question about themselves, don’t mention anything about you. This will take practice. Be prepared before you interact with people so you don’t over talk. You will discover people are fascinating. They will... Read More

Love VS. Fear, The Biggest Battle of All Time

Love vs Fear is the biggest battle of all time! That battle is the theme of movies, song, and almost every classic ever written. What are your favorite movies? Can you see an element of love overcoming fear and moving the hero to choose conquest over retreat? One of my favorites is “Pay it Forward” when the hero is stabbed by a bully when he stands up for his friend. He faces his fear, it costs him his life, but it is a movie. What about songs, there are so many with the theme of going after the one you love regardless of the confusion and fear of rejection. And yes most of the great classics are about love being the motivating force to overcome all odds, Shakespeare would have been stuffed without this massive conflict that has been with humanity from the beginning.... Read More

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