Refresh Your Mind

  Not with coffee! Your mind is an amazingly designed powerhouse! But the big question is,  when talking about mental health, do you want all that power working for you or against you? Let me explain. Even though on average a person will have over 30,000 thoughts a day those thoughts are not always good for us. You see positive thoughts create a healthier environment in your brain than negitive thoughts which produce an unhealthy set of chemicals. So if I am having anxious thoughts or fearful thoughts and do nothing about those thoughts they will never let me be my best mentally. But the good news about renewing your mind is you have a choice! It’s called cognitive restructuring or reframing. In this segment I will teach you in 5 steps how to refresh your mind to be your... Read More

3 Tips to Avoid Collisions

If you drive a car or motorcycle or are planning to drive a car or motorcycle this blog is for you. Driving is automatic. When I say that I mean we get in and drive. We don’t think about it we either set our gps or we just go. We don’t think about slamming into the back of a car, side swiping, getting a ticket or a number of other inconvenient problems. And weespecially don’t think we could kill someone. No we don’t want to think about any of that. But we should think about our driving /riding ability or rather lack of. I remember that Friday I had already had a horrible day. We were living in a camper van while our house was being built. It was awful going to the local pool just to have a shower, limited cooking facilities, using the builders toilet. You get... Read More

Take Small Steps to Better Health

Incremental Changes from Lifeplan Seminars on Vimeo. Read More

Living a Simple Life

Sometimes life feels too full! JUST TOO MUCH IS GOING ON!  Something like ordering the El Grande Super Combo plate and the waiter asks you ” are you REALLY hungry? ” and you eat the entire meal! WAY TOO FULL! I’m finding that many in the western world are living life to the max and not necessarily in a good way! No boundaries to protect what is really important in life as there is a subtle fear that we might miss out on something. Anything! I see it on my own life- a regular serving of social media, with a side of local news and topped off with a generous portion of current affairs! Not to mention social engagements, sporting events, keeping up with the Jones (whoever they are) and ever present family commitments. Too much! The simple life on the other hand is... Read More

Are you having a Career Crisis?

I’ve been driving a duel fuel car for over 15 years and realise the parallel between having a duel fuel car and having more than one job. For those of you who have never driven duel fuelled autos there is a great sense of  NEVER RUNNING OUT OF FUEL. You see if one source runs out you simply switch to the 2nd fuel source until you arrive at a service station. In the photo above you can see that there is a brass coupler to fill my car with LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and a cork that reads MOET CHANDON. No my second fuel supply is not sparkling wine! This cork is replacing my petrol (gasoline) cap temporarily. You might think of it as a temporary job while I’m looking for a new opportunity. After over 30 years in the building trades I created a primary career in Family Therapy... Read More

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