Challenge your Faulty Belief Systems

  Our Words and thoughts can trap us. Agreeing to a thought that is not true can lead us to choices that stagnate our life and keep us from achieving our goals. We have the power to agree or disagree with our words and thoughts. So we need to question our belief system to see if it is faulty. I remember believing in something that kept me from reaching my potential as a musician. Many years ago I auditioned for the worship band in my church. A few days later the worship pastor rang to ask me if I could play Sunday night at 6pm. I was thrilled but I got my information wrong. I don’t know whose fault it was but I got there late. After the service the pastor loudly reprimanded me for not coming at 4pm. I tried to explain but it didn’t help. I felt bad very bad and I was... Read More

Smiling breeds HAPPINESS :)

Hi Wyley Here, The other day I was out happily shopping and noticed a lady who’s face was very downcast, I wondered what her life was like. It affected me quite deeply. Then I saw my own reflection accidently in a shop mirror and I looked quite sad even though I wasn’t. I began to to smile at anyone who looked in my direction. The change was inspiring! Self awareness is the beginning of happiness. Some folks try to get happiness from external sources but it all starts inside. Your needs as a fellow human will be a good indicator to see if joy is possible. If I find myself complaining about something it may indicate something that is lacking and making HAPPINESS difficult. Here are 5 needs to take stock of. I hope they help you. 5 Areas of Human Need. 1. Food–... Read More

Stop Nail Biting Forever

I am going to confess, I bite my nails and the skin around my nails. Well, I actually I am in the process of stopping. And I am starting to feel like at last I will be able to stop. I have had this horrible habit for, what seems like, forever. In the past I have quit, grew long nails but I started biting again. I even had fake nails for two years and never ever bit the skin. After the nails came off, WHAM! I went back to biting straight away. It didn’t make sense to me. I thought it took 30 days to break a habit. Obviously that rule does not apply to nail & finger biting. Because of that, I guess I gave up trying to stop. I also tried that disgusting stinky stuff you paint on your nails and it tastes horrendous. It certainly makes you want keep your hands out of your mouth... Read More

If Life Was A Horse Race Would You Bet On Yourself?

Well would you? When I was faced with this question I didn’t immediately shout Yes! I thought Ooh. Then I had to think about my life, which as you may know if you have read any of my blogs, hasn’t always gone the way I have wanted it to go. As a film maker, screen and playwright I’ve had a lot of rejection. But life isn’t all work. I guess if it was a work race, I would be coming up in the rear. Then again maybe not. What do I really mean when I ask, if life was a horse race would you bet on yourself?  I mean, Do you think you are currently managing life well and will possibly end your life well gauging by your current status? When I put it like this I can say in all areas of my life, even my difficult work area, yes I would back myself. Not because I am a... Read More

Going from the Soul to the Spirit

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve logged on… I’m sure you agree with me life is pretty crazy sometimes. For me this year has been one of the craziest. It all has to do with expectation. I was expecting one thing and the bang the total opposite happens. It left me feeling like “What the heck just happened?” Then I went down the poor me scenario, had a few pity parties, which are never fun until I came out the other side a few months older and wiser but still no further along in the way my life was supposed to look. But by that stage I knew that’s exactly what my life was supposed to look like. I am a huge planner and I believe you must have a plan and having a plan is a good thing. It solidifies what you want and helps you to achieve it.... Read More

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