Power of story telling part 2

(this blog is written by my husband Wyles)   Read More

Hydro Therapy: Exercise for every body!

Ever since I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disk many years ago I have experienced the benefits of hydro therapy. The pain in my back was so bad I would get in the pool 3 times a week and swim. Within a few weeks the pain was gone. Back then I started by walking in the water, then running then swimming. I loved swimming but after a few years using a stroke that put too much pressure on my shoulder, my shoulder gave way and took two years to repair. I was pain free in my lower back for years until recently the pain was back. My physiotherapist mentioned Hydro therapy so I figured, why not? After one session I was hooked. It’s fantastic.  The water makes you buoyant taking the pressure off joints and backs. Doing exercise in the water stretches, builds muscle and for an... Read More

The Power of Story telling!

When I was a father of young children one of my greatest pleasures I had with them was telling stories! It took on many different formats but they knew I wasn’t going to be reading out of a book. Now I’m not saying that reading books is a bad thing, it just wasn’t my thing. I had discovered the power of story telling! My story telling took on many different formats; sometimes I would just gather events from the day that had meaning, an injury, a disappointment or maybe I’d highlight a good decision from the kids and then spin a story around the event. Another method was to try to teach an important principle though the story where a tread of situations all point to the obvious conclusion. The favorite style of the children was one that allowed them to... Read More

Entertaining Skills: Part Two

  What is an important event? Birthdays, Christmas, and other Religious Celebrations, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Engagements etc. Any event where people gather to enjoy themselves. At Events where there is a guest or guests of honor you will need to make the person or people feel special. Cook their favorite foods, or if they like dining out, go to their favorite restaurant. If it’s a special dinner at home put on a table cloth, candles. Whatever you think can make the event special for that person. It has to be something that tells that person that you value them. Drinks. Have their favourite drink, chilled and ready for them. I love champagne and my daughter always has one for me on my special event days. It really makes me feel special. Guest always get a... Read More

Entertaining Skills

Some people just have that knack of cooking delicious food and presenting an enviroment where guests feel comfortable, happy and above all honoured. Some people need a little help. How do we do that when situations that are less formal, and how do we know the difference?  I was brought up in a household where my mum was a great lady but the worst cook and we never entertained. I think my dad was too embarrassed to invite anyone over. But I was taught to be generous and as I taught myself how to cook and began entertaining on my own I really enjoyed giving to my guests. I cooked all the food partly because finances were limited and I wanted lovely desserts to share. It was always worth the effort to see the smiles on my guests faces after they have just consumed their first bite of... Read More

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