Do you WANT to get Well?

Are you fed up with being sick but feel stuck, unable to get well. When we have been sick for a long period of time it is hard to believe there is a place called wellness. It may be you’ve had a diognoses from a doctor telling you that you are allergic to certain foods. Now I’m not saying, don’t believe the doctor and eat the forbidden food. That could be fatal for some or have awful health ramifications for others. What I am saying is that tour health issue could be temporary. When we are, (I’ll use the word sick just to make it easy but it can also include food allergies or a similar situation). When we are sick for a long time there are so many brain functions that begin to happen. Firstly we begin to mentally and physically adjust our lifestyle to the... Read More

Restrictive eating can be fun!

Isn’t being on a restrictive diet the pits. Last month my doctor put me on a gluten free, dairy free, you name it, I can’t eat it, free diet. Before I went on it my daughter was complaining about being on the same diet, I felt very sorry for her. Now I’m on it I feel sorry for me. I decided straight away if I was going to do this I would find a way to enjoy it. It’s hard when breakfast every morning is 2 poached eggs, spinach and tomatoes. So I alternate between boiled eggs or a 2 egg white omelet with a little goats cheese, tomatoes and spinach and I can have a piece of fruit.  Because I can have rice crackers & nuts as a snack, I will alternate the breakfasts with 2 rice crackers 1 teaspoon of cashew butter topped with a sliced banana. YUM! It’s... Read More

READING, Improving your Mind

 Reading is one thing you can do to improve YOU. The benefits from reading will amaze you. In conversation you will become a more interesting person with the ability to converse on varied topics. You will be able to help others with your knowledge, if you don’t ram it down down their throats, presuming you know it all. Not only are novels entertaining and relaxing taking us to another world but there are books that you can ponder, weigh up different concepts and be challenged in your views. There are books that inspire you when you on your journey in life. In our quick fix society we often forgo the many paged book for a three minute You Tube video but will you get wisdom, knowledge, thought provoking depth that a good book can only give you? I’d say no. I have a pile of... Read More

Communication, harder than it looks.

I want to communicate better with people. But it is fraught with obstacles. Even the simplest interaction can be daunting. Let me explain. I’ll use the church as an example but it also is applicable at parties, barbecues, really any social function. If you go to church then you’ll know that after church is the perfect time for social interaction. Some people begin chatting to people they know before they get to the foyer. Some have a routine of grabbing a seat at some of the tables in the foyer to chat. Then there is me, I don’t want to interrupt the seated people by going up to them and chatting because I don’t want to interrupt. I also don’t want to barge in on standing friends so I glance about as if I am looking for someone, so I don’t look... Read More

Live for the Moment

When I say live for the moment I mean living now, purposefully but with an eye occasionally glancing at the future. For me this means working on my future (with all its difficulties, setbacks and frustration) but making time to enjoy the present with the people I love. Are you making time to spend with people you love? Wyles and I made a decision a long time ago when we started building our house (we are still building our house 12 years on) that we wouldn’t make finishing our home so important that we don’t take time off to have fun. Like going out for dinner, relaxing and doing nothing sometimes, spending time with friends and family and taking holidays when we need them. This meant choosing to enjoy our home at what ever stage it is at. I’ve had to remind myself... Read More

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