Auto Religion #7blog

I was following a number of comments about whether Australia has a class system last week. Some very interesting discussions were put forward which got me thinking… do we have a class society? i began to think about the many different cultures I’ve lived in where class dictates how far you can go socially, economically or spiritually. I thought it may have a different meaning in Australia so I put out my feelers to get a grip on the most obvious class structure in Oz. We in Australia are blessed to be free to live the lives we think are best for us within the confines of what boundaries we set. This is when My purposeful pursuit began to see the external signs of class structure. Auto religion. Yes the beloved car that we drive or don’t drive is the first class... Read More

Not another disappointment!!!!

I‘ve had another one of those weeks. Just when I thought the disappointments I often go through had lost their sting, one just recently hit me for a six. That means really hurt big time. At first I was angry at myself for reacting so badly; I was crying on and off for days, out of my mouth came angry outbursts and  sarcastic remarks. The sarcastic remarks actually felt very good after I said them, and were rather witty I must admit. Then I looked at the situation with still no practical reason to appease my fragile emotions I tried my own advice and began looking at a new tomorrow with gratitude to God who I know is going to eventually help me. I still at times felt horrible. I berated myself for my reaction yet again. But this is the main point to my blog today. Wait for... Read More

Coyote’s Conceptions #6blog

My new excellent adventure. I’m blessed to live within 2 hours of the ocean. If you have read about my back yard ( #3blog ) you might know it’s a long way from the Rocky Mountains to the ocean. I didn’t even see an ocean until I was 18 years old! The beach is this  amazing place where all that is contained in the ocean can just be chucked up on the land. Earth, sea and sky collide! Live things get caught in rock pools, dead things get laid out like items at a garage sale. So beach combing is a well known pastime around the beaches of the world. Some make their living from what the seas reject, others just want to be the first to grab what the sea has given up. That’s where I’m coming from. My body is vitalised by this environment. But beach combing is... Read More

Do You Live with a Werewolf?

Ever thought you may be living with a werewolf? A fun little blurb. Well here are the classic signs: That horrible gut retching smell that always seems to occur when your partner is in the same room as you and you know it’s not you. He blames the dog. You notice on your partner that hair seems to be growing in the oddest of places, especially ears nose and feet. And no he is not turning into a hobbit. There are other symptoms for that. You awake to strange growling, and grunting noises that are coming from your partner. He blames the dog for snoring. The dog doesn’t sleep in your room. You know its him because you recognise those same grunts are a form of reply to your questions. You don’t understand any of it. He likes to watch nature documentaries and cheers for... Read More

Coyote’s Conceptions #5blog

Father. Friend or Foe? So what sort of father did/do you have? Growing up in a small town I had access to many different types of families with different types of fathers, sadly some absent. Big and little families, rich and poor, single parent, adopted, and transient. But whatever type of family I experienced there was always a sense of identity that came from the family and the father. What identity did you draw from your father? After my Mother and Father divorced there were a number of men who had influence in my life. The longer I work as a family therapist I realize how important that same gender identity becomes in people who have had a lack of male role modeling. I feel this is as important to men as to women. Is it important for a child to have both male and female parental... Read More

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