Do You Live with a Werewolf?

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The Impossible Story

All things are possible with the impossible story. What is an impossible story? It’s a situation you have been in where a good outcome seems impossible. There is no logical way out and even though you have tried every avenue the situation seems hopeless. That’s when we let go and let God change the impossible into a possible. Everyone needs at least one impossible story because every now and then (with me it’s every day) you have to believe in the impossible for your life. When I am going through a hard time that story is like an anchor for me to look to and believe in a solution for the current impossibility. My favourite story is when, after years of fighting in court for access of my husband’s children, my husband’s ex-wife packed them off to north... Read More

Coyote’s Conceptions #4blog

Well you have been to my front and back yard, it’s about time I invited you into my childhood home. Ma was the head of our home as a single mother with 4 rowdy boys she had her hands full. The life of a single parent is one that is full of responsibilities often without much support. My father chose a different path in life to start another family many miles away. I very rarely saw my father, I believe he wasn’t able to reconcile his role as a bomber pilot in WWII and as most men from his generation, lived in quiet desperation. Ma on the other hand did what she knew she had to do, raise us boys as best she could. Have you ever been a single parent, or were you raised by one? I have been a single father for brief periods and found it quite challenging to be Mum, Dad, cook,... Read More

How Do You Say Goodbye?

  How do you say goodbye to someone you love? When I say goodbye I mean forever. The last goodbye, when someone dies. I have found there is no one way. In August 2013 a dear friend of 41 committed suicide. I was extremely angry. I tried to reason through a reasonless situation. At the funeral I wore black. In December that same year my father of  91 passed away. Although extremely sad it was a celebration. He had lived a long happy life and it was his time, as his body was giving up. I stayed with him right till the end. At the celebration service I wore a brightly patterned dress. A week later another friend 32, committed suicide. He had everything going in his life but he couldn’t see it. This time I had a harder time rationalising the tragedy. At the funeral I wore... Read More

Welcome to my backyard! Coyote’s Conceptions #3blog

Yes, this was my childhood backyard! Not quite your suburban picket fence but then I’m not your suburban kind of guy. Most days when I wasn’t in school I would be somewhere on the mountains surrounding our home. Life was certainly an adventure from my earliest memories. What are your early childhood memories? Only a 3 minute walk straight up the backyard trail lead to my special hide-a-way. It was a currant bush about chest high to an adult that was hollow on the inside. You couldn’t see into the bush from the outside which made it  very convenient for avoiding the circumstances of not doing my chores! It was also a terrific place to just dream and be whatever I wanted to be. Were you allowed to dream the impossible when you were young? When I felt like a big... Read More

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