Are You Fooling Yourself?

There are times in our lives when we can fool ourselves into thinking we are eating a healthy diet, especially when we want to lose weight.  Our conscious mind won’t allow us to contemplate that what we are eating is unhealthy even while we are piling the butter on the low fat crackers. We wonder “why isn’t the diet working?” while we eat that ice cream. “But I haven’t had an ice cream in months”, we respond. But we did have that fried breakfast yesterday, the cream pasta with no vegetables, the day before and the mud cake with cream, the day before that. “But I deserve a treat”, you say. That’s is all fine but what do you want? Do you want to lose the weight and be healthier? or do you want to be fat and unhealthy? I am... Read More

Coyote’s front yard #2blog

Welcome to my front yard! No, that is not me on the donkey. It’s Wyley here alias “The Coyote” (Coyotes don’t ride mules!). In my last blog I told you I would tell you about my backyard but when you meet someone generally you see their front yard first and their back yard after you have known them for awhile. Do you know your neighbors? The Zang Hotel in the photo was built around 1892 in the silver rush era of Creede Colorado’s colourful history. It turned into the Creede Hotel and was owned by my family as I was growing up. It was a great place to grow up and full of adventures. There was a mountain lion (mounted) above the cash register and a character named Chester who was the in-house piano player who used old department store magazines as sheet... Read More

The Big Questions of Life

Life never ceases to amaze me. It’s tough. There are so many life choices to make. Will I marry? If so, who will I marry? Where will I live? What type of work will I do? Who am I? What type of person do I want to become? And the are so many other questions I am not even going to talk about. These ones are just a few of the biggies. I have a great marriage and I love where I live (when the house & garden finally get finished it really will be great) I hope I live that long. But the work one for me has been a huge challenge. I started with great vision at 15 years old I wanted to be a musician and knew that if I worked really hard at playing the bass guitar I would get into a good band and we would work hard and be successful. By 23 I had worked hard and was in a fantastic... Read More

Coyote’s Conceptions #1blog

Let me introduce you to my wonderful husband Wyley Hargraves who will be my very special guest blogger from time to time… WORDS FROM THE COYOTE I was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in a small mining town by the name of Creede. As I grew up what I knew was all I knew, maybe you can relate. What I want to say is that your life experience, either lived or learned becomes your understanding of the world you live in and the skin you breath in.  Growing up in a small town has advantages and disadvantages. A powerful advantage was safety from bad people. We had a tough Marshal, a tougher Sheriff and a considerate but convicting Judge. So the result was a self-governing town where the bad people left town and we “Creedtards” (as we affectionately labelled... Read More

Coyote’s conceptions #1blog

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