Chilli con Carne

 Chilli con Carne means chilli with meat in Spanish. I began making Chilli way before I met my American husband Wyley. Who you will meet. Yes my wonderful husband Wyley Hargraves is writing a blog coming up this week on this site. It’s called “Coyote’s Conceptions”. So don’t miss it. Back to the Chilli. I don’t use ground beef, I use chunks of beef either topside or rump. ( I think it tastes better) But you can use whatever cut you like. If you use a cheaper cut of meat make sure you simmer the chilli for as long as it takes to tenderise the beef. There is nothing worse than trying to chew a piece of meat that is rock hard.  I love this recipe, it has red kidney beans and served with rice and grated cheese. Ingredients   1 clove Garlic... Read More

Changing a Faulty Belief System

Our thoughts can trap us. We have the power to agree or disagree with our words and thoughts. Belief systems can trap us if our belief system is faulty. I remember believing in faulty belief system that kept me from reaching my potential as a musician. Many years ago I auditioned for the worship band in my church. A few days later the worship pastor rang to ask me if I could play Sunday night at 6pm. I was thrilled but on the night I was running late and arrived as they were playing. I got on stage and played. After the service the pastor loudly reprimanded me for not coming at 4pm for practice and arriving so late. I told him he never said to come at 4 but he didn’t listen and even though I apologised he walked away upset with me. Not long after, I was asked to direct a... Read More

Banana Date Porridge

Today I want to share a recipe for a healthy breakfast that we love to eat. It is low in fat and instead of added sugar it gets its sweetness from banana and dates. The reason I use rolled oats is because they have more nuitrients than quick oats. I crush them to save time in cooking. Ingredients         Serves 2 3/4 cup Rolled Oats (put in a mixer to crush till almost ground) 3/4 cup Water 1 1/4 cup Skim Milk I small Banana chopped 8 Dates chopped Cinnamon Bring to boil all the ingredients except cinnamon till cooked serve topped with cinnamon and yogurt if desired.   Hope you like it. I like to alternate different breakfasts every day. One day I’ll have toast, the next day cereal, then eggs, then porridge, then pancakes, etc. Whatever I feel like on the day. It keeps... Read More

Movie: Exodus Gods & Kings

As a filmmaker I was privileged to go to a pre-screening of “Exodus: God’s and Kings”. My husband and I waved to Geoffrey Rush as we sat down. I’m sure the amount of times we have seen him at premiers that one day if/when I do meet him, he will respond “Oh yes we’ve met before”. Getting back to the film… As a Christian, who has read biblical account of Exodus, the film does change a few facts.  One being; instead of 40 years of exile the film changes it to 9. I don’t have a problem with the changes because a film has to elaborate and interprete the facts in light of its audience as well as the information given in the Bible, which isn’t very much at all. Real life sometimes just doesn’t seem real in a film.... Read More

Christmas Joy or Just Busy

  It’s very easy to lose your joy at Christmas. The busyness of the season can make you lose your peace. What are your expectations of Christmas? This year my husband expected to buy gifts for people in need overseas instead of wasting money on presents we don’t need for the family. But my 21 year old daughter expected to open presents. Already we have a conflict of interests. I on the other hand expect an enjoyable peaceful Christmas. So I wanted them to settle their issue so I could have the Christmas I wanted. If you are feeling overwhelmed scale things back. Keep family traditions they are important. We have a tradition of me playing the piano while everyone sings one Carol then we each open a present then sing a Carol and on until all the presents are open.... Read More

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