Sowing & Reaping Part 2

What are you sowing? Are you sowing negativity, anger, manipulation, depression, meanness, envy. When you are the presence of others do you radiate hostile vibes? Is it because you are uncomfortable in the situation or not getting your own way? Remember also, there is a fine line between being honest and being honest. Do you give people information they would rather not have? People don’t care about you they care about themselves. So being easy to be with will get you more invitations, maybe even promotions. I sometimes make the mistake of talking too much when I’m excited. It’s something I need to work on. When we sow these seeds we reap misunderstanding it can cost us friendships and or valuable business contacts. If we sow kindness, patience, peace, love,... Read More

In Pursuit of the Perfect Scone

Here it is, my third attempt at the perfect scone. Last time I liked the lemonade but I thought I would alter it slightly. This recipe made 8 scones.  It consisted of 2 cups flour Self Raising,  half a cup cream, half a cup lemonade, half a teas salt, (really needs it) and a quarter of a cup castor sugar. The dough was not as sticky as the others, which is good for your hands. And when baked looked very nice and brown. As you can see . I would have liked more height. The warm scone tasted nice, no horrible after taste. But I felt they were too sweet. Once cold they also tasted too sweet. So the extra sugar really isn’t a good idea. Bake them and let me know what you think. I’m still hunting for the PERFECT SCONE. Read More

I’m Back!

Here I am back after a lengthy process to a self hosted website. If you want to do this it can be hard. And for a while there I thought it wasn’t possible. There were so many emails back and forth and chat people who kept telling me different things. I worked it out myself thank goodness. Anyway in the near future I will be tackling difficulties topics such as trying to keep your peace in a crazy world as well as some fun stuff like the pursuit of the perfect scone. I’ve been doing some research. Take care and see you soon. Read More

Sowing & Reaping Part 1

There is a principle called Sowing & Reaping. When we plant a seed and take care of it by feeding it and watering it we can expect a harvest of whatever we have planted. Sow corn and you will reap corn. Don’t plant an apple tree and expect oranges to grow. It just doesn’t work like that. The same can be said of people, you can’t expect to reap happy enthusiastic people in your family when you plant seeds of anger, control and sarcasm. The “I was only joking” doesn’t cut it. Nine out of ten times you probably were not joking. We need to put the principle of sowing and reaping to work for us and others. If we want to gain respect we need to sow respect in others. This is sometimes challenging because often the person doesn’t deserve the... Read More

I’m in Seafood Heaven

Wow l love seafood. We live about an hour from the beach so we don’t get thereto often. But at least it’s only an hour. My husband lived in Colorado he didn’t see the sea until he was nineteen years old. He just loves the beach so the as spring is bringing warmer weather and daylight saving is on, he suggested we go to the beach late one afternoon. We arrived at six o’clock took a leisurly stroll along the beach, sand through our toes, gentle waves lapping Read More

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