Mediation for Child Access

I never thought I would be seeking help to see my grandchild. But here I am in the waiting room about to have my first mediation session. I have done this before you know. But it was our children we were seeking access visits. My current husband Wyley and I had to endure four years of family court to have access visits to three of his children. The fourth was over 16. It was a horrible ordeal, especially for the children. That is why I don’t understand people who withhold their children for no reason other than it is just inconvenient for the mother or father in question. This is so selfish. Children need both parents for healthy emotional growth. When we decide to have children our desires must change to accommodate what is best for the child. The other parent may not be the... Read More

How to keep Cheerful while Sick

NOT THE FLU, VIRAL INFECTION, MIGRAINE, SINUS, ETC, AGAIN!!!!!!!!! If you didn’t feel so bad you would start banging your head against the nearest brick wall at the realization that everything you need and want to do will have to wait and wait and wait. The first couple of days is usually the best. You resign yourself to bed rest, you probably need it anyway. It will be great to watch dvds and anyway it’ll be over soon and you’ll feel great. WRONG! The days pass by turning into weeks What now? You  begin to look at your calendar to see what you need to cancel, plod through or put off. If you haven’t been to the doctor by now you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you. If you do find out its a vital infection and are put on antibiotics don’t plan on... Read More

The Perfect Scone (Lemonade Scones)

Batch 2 The Lemonade Scone. Check out the first batch, blog to see the difference. At first glance, they don’t look as good as the first batch. They didn’t brown on top and I left them in the oven for 20 minutes, the others only took 10 minutes. But it doesn’t matter how they look as long as they taste devine. First taste on hot scone: Just to re-cap the first batch had a funny floury after-taste. These don’t, big tick for that. They are light, not doughy, which is good. But and this is important they have no taste. There is just nothing to taste. I am DISAPPOINTED!!!!! The Recipe: 3 cups self raising flour, 1 cup cream (I used light cream) maybe that is the reason. and 1 cup lemonade. They were extremely sticky. So sticky I had to add a little flour. I... Read More

Identity and Destiny

Who am I and where am I going? These are the two most important questions a person can ask themselves. If you read my last blog, “May I help you?” This one will make more sense. In fact, read it now if you haven’t and come back. After the episode with the sales assistant I couldn’t stop feeling a bit sad. I kept wondering why she behaved like that. Then I read a story that impacted me. A man was driving down the road when another car began tailgating him and beeping his horn maniacally. Straight away he went to a place of judgement. He was angry at the tailgater and did not let him pass. Just then the man, who believed in God heard a voice in his head that told him to pull over. He pulled over. The voice then asked him “Who are you?” He rattled off... Read More

“May I Help You?”

You see that happy smiling sales assistant above, well that wasn’t the face I saw last thursday. That is the face of what I was suppose to see, thursday. It all began with my daughters wedding. I couldn’t find an outfit anywhere. I could not believe in this day and age there wasn’t a stylish dress to be found. If I wanted to look like a matronly old bag or teenage wannabe, no problem there were an abundance of short dresses and old duck clothes. Finally I found a red leather skirt and jacket. One problem, the jacket had no front fastening, needed tapering at waist and sleeves altered but as it was only $180 I thought I could pay for the altering, which I did and it cost me $100 and the skirt was a bargain at $120. I wore it and looked amazing, pity there are no... Read More

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