Does Your Outside Match Your Inside

Do you like your inside self? Sure there are things we all would like to change but thinking about the type of person you are, do you like you? What about your personality does your physical self and image (the clothes you wear, hairstyle,) match your personality? Is it important you maybe asking. It is. You are important. There is only one you. You are unique, an amazing creation. You are special. The way you relate to others is important. When our inside conflicts with our outside people can get confused. Do you get the impression that people misunderstand you? This may be because you are an extrovert who wears safe conservative clothes or you are in some way different from the external facade. Are you depressed but put on a happy face? Are you sweet and loving inside but anger... Read More

Marriage Partner 101

  How do you know if they are THE ONE? Marriage is THE most important decision you will ever make. Other life decisions such as where you will live or what work you will do are changeable but if you are serious about the institution of marriage, then it should be forever. If you get married at 20 you are going to be with that person for 60 or so years. A long time to be with the wrong person. Then there is divorce, my husband and I know all about this one, we have been married before. I can tell you, you don’t want to go down that path, even in an amicable divorce. Before I got married the first time whilst in my euphoric love stage I missed out on asking myself some vital questions.  Was I in love with being in love or did I love the person? Was I in love with the idea... Read More

Why Write a Romantic Mystery Novel?

  Inspiration hits us, BANG and we can’t  get the idea out of our mind. That’s what happened to me. I was reading romantic mystery novels at the time and I was getting irritated by the weak female heroine’s. They just weren’t real and up to date, then I read somewhere publishing houses were interested in strong female characters in their books. Back then, as now I was writing plays and screenplays but was intrigued by the idea of writing a novel with a strong heroine. Everyone loves action films where the lead guy takes out the baddies, for a good cause of course. 007, Rambo, Wolverine, Indiana Jones etc. Well I wanted that but in a woman. Actually I wanted a super women heroine. Women are the perfect super hero, they are strong, daring, provocative,... Read More

Living with Purpose

I get irritated when I see people spending their time and effort on projects that have little or no purpose. As a film-maker I have learnt (and am still learning) to be efficient with my time, to structure a chain of command and processes to best serve the goal or purpose. But some of us have lost our way. They create meetings, rehearsals, seminars, events or live a life that really serves no purpose other than wasting precious time. I was recently at such a time wasting event where we rehearsed songs (I am a bass player) that I may not play for months. Then when the time comes to play the song I will have forgotten what I learned at the rehearsal months before and have to spend time relearning it at home. That night I came home wondering what was the purpose of it all? If the... Read More

Turning on Positive Thinking

We have all heard about positive thinking but do we practice turning it on? I really needed to turn on my positive thinking yesterday. I had to use a loaner car while I got my car serviced. As I drove down the street I could imagine getting pulled over by the police because the car was almost falling apart. Later when I returned only a mere hundred metres from the mechanics, I was pulled over by the police. I thought they were going to check the car, I wasn’t worried it wasn’t mine. But no, I had answered my phone while sitting at a railway crossing waiting for a train to pass. After the police woman told me, I put on my positive thinking and thought a hundred and fifty dollar fine is not that bad. That was until she told me how much it was. I abruptly threw myself off... Read More

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