Time Really Is On Our Side

As a writer/filmmaker/editor/business owner/housewife/musician/friend/mother I am the boss of my day. Time simply amazes me. It is measured by a clock that counts every second till sixty comes up then it becomes a minute. Each minute goes by till the sixtieth, then an hour has gone by, and on and on it goes. Time marching on till a whole persons life has ended. And it doesn’t stop there. I look back on half a century and wonder where did it all go. The seasons of my life are clear; playing as a child, the confusing teens, adjusting to adulthood, being a parent to small, then teenage, then adult children. We seem to be in a constant time of transition. And it feels like time is against us. But have we waged war with time instead of relaxing, enjoying ourselves within its... Read More

Pluralism versus Absolute Truth

Pluralism is an acceptance of the concept that two or more religions with mutually exclusive truth claims are equally valid. This may be considered a form of either toleration. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? I’m really into truth. When you look at pluralism it is advocating a type of tolerance. Toleration is the practice of deliberately allowing or permitting a thing of which one disapproves. People seem to think that toleration is the same as acceptance. But they are different. For example; My love for a friend may mean I accept them the way they are. But that does not mean I am going to tolerate everything they do because of my love for them. I can honestly say I probably won’t agree with some things they believe in. It won’t change the way I feel about them but it may shake... Read More

The Masks we Wear

The Mask The Mask Music Video Clip Do you wear a mask? We often put on masks to fit in. Just look at sporting events everyone wearing their team’s colors. Some even paint their faces. I love donning the red, white and black colours of my team the St Kilda Saints. I immediately feel like I belong even though I have probably only kicked a football a handful of times in my life. The mask of a football supporter is fun but there are other masks: Masks of silence are worn to protect ourselves from judgement and keep ourselves at a distance from people. We can’t deal with all people the same way. Our relationships will differ from person to person. At one stage in my life I realised a few friends couldn’t handle emotional honesty so I had to pull back and not talk about... Read More

Renovate your Diet

What we put into our bodies is so important. Soooo much has been written about healthy eating but the message is not getting through when many people struggle with their weight. It is a topic no one can ignore, no matter what weight they are. We are all getting older and metabolisms slow down with age so healthy eating must always be on our mind. But it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Today I went for lunch with a friend and ordered the special because it was the cheapest meal on the menu, other than soup. My husband and I find ourselves eating out a lot now and we have to be cost conscience. The meal was chicken parmigana with seafood and vegetables. When it came out IT WAS ENORMOUS. So I ate half and took the other half home in a doggy bag for dinner. The choice was easy.... Read More

Renovate your Workspace

   I wish I had a photo of the way the office looked before the transformation. I had a corner desk that was deeper. The keyboard was unusable because it was buried behind a sea of guitars on the floor. The room was so small I couldn’t move, let alone find anything. This room had to function for me as a writer and a musician. So I began to plan. If you have a workspace that isn’t working. Let me tell you how I did it. In the picture on the right I had a bookcase but it was deeper than the books, so I knew if I could find a narrower bookcase that could fill the entire wall (and I did at Ikea) then I could not only save space but keep all the stuff neatly out of my working way but where I could easily find it. Putting a narrower 600ml laminate bench the full width of the... Read More

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