How to Handle Rejection

Above is an award of merit from a Movie festival for a film I made called The Superficials (we missed out on first place and a gorgeous trophy by one measly point). But I am very glad of this award. It tells me there is hope and hope will never disappoint. Because stuffed in my filing cabinet are quite a few REJECTION letters. I am not counting and neither should you. I am a Writer/Director of theatre and film but I also write fictional and non fictional books. One of my fictional books is available free to read online at Here’s an excerpt from my Romantic Suspense novel, Love Wears a Mask: “Yes, thank you,” she replied as she turned, her shiny red heels clicking down the hall. Visner watched her leave, a smile on his lips; a smile that turned Brooke’s... Read More

Never Too Old to Dance

I’m a little excited, make that terrified, no, slightly anxious, but yes I am excited about a project I told someone I would help them with. My friend is putting on a fundraising dinner and he wants me to organise a performance piece. It’s actually a dance. The song, which I am sworn to secrecy about, is funny and so I did what every good director does, I got my husband to be the funny mime lead. I also gathered three wonderful people, who am certain can dance (even though I’ve never seen them dance) and myself included will dance around my husband in a semi-choreographed routine. We are suppose to back up the funny lead by dancing well. Well that’s the plan. But right from the start it got me thinking, even before I asked for volunteer dance people, that I want... Read More

Live a life filled with Joy?

When a couple gets married we want them to have a happy life together. When I email someone I type that I hope they have a great day. We want our children to have happy lives.Happiness is number one on everybody’s list. Let me start by defining what happiness is and isn’t. Happiness is a fleeting emotion associated with an event in our lives. The critical word here is fleeting, it isn’t lasting. Joy is an emotional state that can last.    I know the stresses of life can bring us down and depression is on the rise but don’t give in to being miserable. Fight for joy. If you do suffer from depression make sure you are getting professional help. I used to have depression and I know it’s not something you can think your way out. But since coming out of... Read More

Look Before You Leap

How long do we think about doing something before we actually do it? How often do we think about what we are going to say before we say it? Or do we procrastinate when we should be taking action? We wouldn’t dive into a river without knowing its depth. How often do we purchase an item we don’t really need? Well it has become even easier with Internet shopping. With a click of a button and a few days later and voila there it is at your door. Credit card debited, the item you can’t live without is all yours. I knew of a woman who bought over 600 pairs of shoes on the Internet. It would take her about two years to wear each pair once. That’s of course if she stopped buying them. And what about the money she spent. “But it was a bargain” she cried, not if you... Read More

Healthy Honesty

To live well we need to appreciate our good points to cultivate a healthy self-esteem. We must also consistently work on the bits of ourselves we don’t like and can change.  If we just focus on our negative attributes our self-esteem will plummet. Meanwhile, we can’t turn a blind eye and ignore the aspects of ourselves that need to change or we could be in serious danger. For example; I was watching the Biggest Loser on television the other night when I heard one contestant say, as she looked at her audition tape, that at the time she didn’t think she was that big. I know how easy it is to be in denial. I sometimes eat a little more and then I conveniently forget to do my weekly weigh in for a few weeks. I don’t want to know the truth. I’m afraid to find out that I need to... Read More

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