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Do you have a plan for your life?

Recently I overheard a conversation between a couple of friends talking about how they plan their lives. One friend was very easy going and just accepted the circumstances that he was facing with an attitude of surrender, as though life was not his to control. The other friend was quite a strategist and had a plan for just about any situation you can imagine. She had plan A, B, C and D with multiple possibilities for each plan. I became engrossed in their conversation. I could see benefits from both sides. It reminded me of a quote that’s stuck with me over the years (sorry I don’t know who to give the credit to). ‘Plan like you’re going to live forever and live like it’s your last day on earth!’ Planning your life may feel like foolishness as... Read More

Looks Can Be Deceiving.

How many times have we met a new person and with one look we have made assumptions on their entire personality. I bet it’s quite a few times. Are our assumptions right or wrong? Usually they are wrong, at least to some degree. I was caught out at a dinner when I sat next to a guy who on first appearance I had decided was a boring macho type. Before the opening line I was lamenting my seat and wondered how long we had until I could leave. How horribly judgemental of me. The man who I was seated next to (and the other people I met were a delightful!) was interesting and he had great depth of knowledge, genuinely interested in deep issues that some men run away from. And he asked me questions and was a very good listener. I was so ashamed of myself for judging him by his... Read More

Hands of Peace or Panic?

  While finishing a bathroom renovation for a client awhile back I noticed something about my hands. My hands have served me well and I am grateful for them. They were sending me a message last week that hopefully you can relate to. This ‘reno’ I was doing was an hour and a half away from home so I was desperately working to get the place ready for a new tenant. Heaps of little tasks to finish the job had me in a panic. Calking, painting, repairing and hanging doors and of course CLEAN-UP, PACK-UP! And there were my hands; almost quivering with this nervous energy TO GET THINGS DONE! Stop and look at your hands for a moment…aren’t they wonderful! Think of all the things you can do with them! Typing. tickling, push-ups, power-tools, painting, praying... Read More

Living Safely in an Unsafe World

We can never live in completely safety here on earth. We can’t live in a bubble, thinking that where we live, how we conduct our life or that because we have God, bad things won’t happen to us. They can and usually do. Recently,  Wyley’s car was stolen, with all his handyman tools inside. It was a terrible thing to wake up and find an empty space in front of our house where his car was parked. We had to change the locks on our house and buy a tracker for our other car just to feel a little safer. Then there’s the waiting for the police to find it, and in the meantime he has to work, so he had to borrow a car with borrowed tools and that is, of course, only temporary. Living is a difficult task. It requires a lot of thought. We humans accumulate... Read More

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