Responsibility is not a Dirty Word

“Responsibility” is “the ability to respond.” A response is the opposite of a reaction. “Response-ability” is the capacity to face any situation and make powerful choices that are consistent with who you say you are. It is a refusal to run away from  difficulties or any part of your life you happen to dislike. When you take full ownership of your life in this way, you gain confidence and momentum in making good decisions Do you know the difference between a response and a reaction? What gives you the “ability to respond”? And can you trust yourself to act appropriately? Is there any difficult situation in your life currently in which you are tempted to run away rather than take responsibility? What is at stake in you facing the problem... Read More

Romance Planning, get a “SECRET”

Bridge Romance from Lifeplan Seminars on Vimeo. When you need to inject a little excitement in your love life and you will if you want a great marriage you need to get a SECRET. When l say, secret, I mean you need to plan an event or gift that your will be a complete surprise to your partner. It can be as simple or extravagant as you like. It can be for a reason like an anniversary, birthday, or no reason except that you love them. When you have planned the “secret” you can give little hints, but not too many that they guess it and the surprise is spoilt. This infuses excitement and anticipation for both of you. Wyley on the Ferris Wheel. For our 19th anniversary l, Christina, organised a great getaway, with flights and accommodation in Sydney. I booked a... Read More

Peace In the Bible it says we have to SEEK peace. I think it says that because our bodies, minds and souls are constantly at war with thoughts, physical ailments and soulish desires. God knows this, he made us and that is why he tells us to seek peace. It means to seek with our minds, body and heart where peace can be found. When we are feeling anxious we are to put our mind, body and heart to peaceful things. It could be peaceful music, poetry, inspiring verses, taking our thoughts and turning our circumstances from negative into positive allowing them into a place of peace. Maybe doing some gentle exercise or resting your body by taking a nap. It means making PEACE a priority in our lives. Peace is a state... Read More

Feeling Pressured?

This world is full of pressures, health, wealth, job, time, kids, crime, injustice…the list goes on and on. But you have probably noticed that some people seem to float through life without being ruffled or stressed. What is that about? Are they not noticing all that there is to worry about? Don’t they care? Have they just become calloused? Maybe they have just realised there are two kinds of pressure. Internal pressure and external pressure.   First let me tell you a quick story. (caution, this is a stressful story, not recommended for delicate hearts). There were 3 individuals who were going to be executed all at the same time. The first person was totally taken over by emotions, as you could well imagine looking death straight in the face. Their reation was... Read More

Humility, Do we have Enough?

Are we losing the battle to be humble or don’t we care? The meaning of the the word humility is “the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance”. synonyms: modesty, humbleness, modestness, meekness, lack of pride, lack of vanity, diffidence, unassertiveness. We live in a world where technology pushes our thoughts, pictures, very being, OUT THERE to the world. Writing a Blog, could be construde as having an opinion or observation that people would be interested in reading. It doesn’t sound like having a modest or low view of one’s importance. But where there is new technologies there must be a greater responsibility for us to keep a modest view of one’s importance. If we take the time to do something for someone else, it has a... Read More

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