Renovate Yourself in Relationships

Do you feel half done? Not quite finished? Under repair? If you have answered No to these questions I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. We are all in the renovation stage, from the moment we are born till the day we die. But it’s such an uncomfortable feeling especially when we actually work at the renovating. Some days it is easier than others. Trying new ways of doing things is difficult. I know I’m a film maker, they change the software constantly and I find myself just getting a handle on the current software when bam, upgrade and everything you once new you can totally forget because it’s now different. And I have to relearn a new system. That is the same with the way some of us handle relationships. I guess Dr. Phil would ask at this point,... Read More

Does your Brain Need Washing?

Recently I went to a trendy cafe for lunch after a powerful church service. My brain had been washed and was very clean! I was having wonderful thoughts about life and people. As I walked to the sidewalk seating I overheard the people sitting next to me talking (LOUDLY) about how manipulative and controlling churches were and that religion in general was for the weak willed. I had very deep empathy for them as I could hear the pain in what they felt they were defending themselves against. If only I could have downloaded the wonderful experience I had just had less than an hour before without their prejudice distorting the experience. Their brains were full of painful past experiences, they needed a brain washing! Now I understand that some people have had a negative experience with a... Read More

Hope, do you have it?

Is the lack of hope dragging you down? As you know I am still working on my filmmaking career. So for me hope is crucial even though l may be rejected. I was wondering why this year is so hard especially as I have less commitments than last year. In January, I submitted scripts so now l am just working, so why do I feel so low? When l looked at the extra work l did last year, they were geared towards hopeful results. Instead, one project is still yet to see fruit while the other has had minimal success and needs more work. But not as well as I’d hoped. (I’ve had to restart work in this area. Ahhhh). This year I can see my work doesn’t have a lot of hope involved and I am struggling to have hope in the restarted project. And that is the reason everything in... Read More

March is Credit Crunch

March is the month where some people begin to fall behind on their bills. Some feel the financial squeeze and scrape by while others miss crucial credit card payments. The reason for this is the recent Christmas and holiday season. Unable to come up with the cash for the festive and holiday season, people rely on their credit cards, causing huge credit debt. By March, people can start missing payments. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some solutions (and putting the bills in the drawer and trying to forget it all is not an option.) You will only make matters worse with higher interest (more money to repay) resulting in being further in debt. Here are some things you can do if you find yourself financially squeezed: Learn from your mistakes and never use... Read More

Do you use GPS?

I love traveling! Something about that feeling of moving through space and time is fulfilling. GPS has certainly changed the way I travel. In the very old days I would use a paper map that was intricately folded into an A5 square. The problem with this method of finding the route to travel is in the intricate folding. Once unfolded this map grows to take up the entire interior of the vehicle. Very dangerous unless of course I pull over. Then the world took a giant step forward and printed this massive map into pages and it came in a book. Melway was this incredible book that showed every freeway and alley throughout the entire city. Competently placed on one’s lap it was quite easy to use. The pages were laid out margin to margin if traveling east to west or vice versa.... Read More

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