The 7 Dieting Sins (Part 3)

Let’s finish this 3 part series with Dieting Sins 5, 6, & 7 5. Not eating. You think missing meals will help you lose weight. I know less calories/kilojoules per day will lose the weight, but keeping it off, no you can’t sustain missing meals. Your metabolism slows down because you are not eating. That means you will burn calories at a slower rate. Now you say you’re not hungry but remember what Yoda said to Luke in esisope 5 of the Star Wars saga, “you will be, you will be.” 6. Making excuses. Making excuses is a type of denial. The difference is you have faced the fact that you have to lose weight. The hard part is sticking to a diet and exercise regime because you make all kinds of excuses. “I know how to lose weight,” you... Read More

The 7 Dieting Sins (Part 2)

This is the second installment in the 3 part series, I hope you are not committing 4 of the 7 Dieting Sins. 3. Denial can keep you fat, and unhealthy. I just can’t do it. It’s not that bad. I’m not too big. I’m okay. I haven’t got time to exercise. I know what I should be eating. I am a healthy eater. (excuse me while I burst out laughing) It would cost too much, I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe. No. I don’t want to think about it. I have a health condition. I avoid mirrors. So, any of these sayings sound familiar? Every minute you stay on this planet with extra kilos on your frame is like living in a prison cell. Even a cell of denial is a cell outside the overweight cell. You need to crush this denial cell first. You need to ask... Read More

The 7 Dieting Sins (Part 1 of 3)

Dieting is a serious business. We all need to maintain a weight in proportion to our height, but temptation is around every corner. Chocolate croissants, slabs of bacon, fresh buttered bread, salted caramel whatevers seem to have voices calling to us tantalising our minds into our submission. What dieting sins are you guilty of? 1. Using meal replacement shakes to lose weight. Yes, it is possible to lose weight using meal replacement shakes but it is not a viable way to keep the weight off. To lose weight a person needs to consume two shakes for two meals a day. This leaves only one actual meal of solid food. Mouths are made and want to chew food. If you haven’t succumbed to boredom and ceased the shakes you will be tempted to eat some solid food and the shake. Then... Read More

Good News!!!

Hey guys just thought you may want to share my good news.  As a struggling filmmaker I get a lot of rejections, well yesterday three of my short films were accepted into the top ten of the SPARC 200 Stories competition. When I made these short films in January I thought, “why bother they won’t get picked.” I remember dragging my gorgeous husband around a vineyard, doing take after take and here is the 20 second scripture we put together. Wyley, I am the True Vine. Another one was a scripture that meant a lot to Wyley when he was a concrete cutter before I even knew him. You can see it at Wyley No Condemnation. And one of them was a four minute film I had adapted, because the films had to be either 20 seconds or 170 seconds long. A couple of years ago while having... Read More

Create a Healthy Salad in 2 minutes

Health Salad in 2 minutes from Lifeplan Seminars on Vimeo. Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring lettuce and tomato, no way. Anything goes in this easy, nutritious and super quick meal. Enjoy! from Christina   Read More

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