We are in a Constant period of Change

A lovely friend of mine has left this earth and is in heaven. What a beautiful man he was. On our last meeting when I visited him in the hospital he said, “We are all in a constant period of change and need to evaluate where we are at.” I couldn’t stop thinking about this statement. Maybe some of our frustration is derived from being tied to a past lifestyle while living with new cicumstances that require a new lifestyle. We may need to assess our daily routine, because boredom, health issues or other factors could be affecting us on a subconscious level. When we do our regular evaluation we need to leave preconcieved ideas aside. How do we do this? Sometimes we don’t like the new circumstances. The new situation could be relational,... Read More

Are you running on the right FUEL?

Back in September our blog (CLICK HERE) was about duel fuel and the concept of having more than one job or career to fuel your lifestyle. That having a multi-faceted aspect to your work life was very liberating to some of our readers. After some quiet time at the beach I’d like to take that same concept into a deeper part of life. Actually looking what kind of fuel you run on every day, day in day out. Now obviously our physical bodies run on our diet. WHEN WE EAT WELL, THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE WE WILL RUN WELL! And the opposite is true if we eat food that doesn’t have good nutrients, eventually our bodies will lack in performance. The same is true in the deeper areas of our life. The soul or spiritual areas of our life also run on fuel, but from an entirely different... Read More

10 Ways to Help Shape Youth

Some of our wonderful subscribers are parents, some grand-parents, some great grand-parents and some haven’t had children at this stage of their lives. But shaping youth is not just for parents. Young people are everywhere! All you need to do is look around and engage with a person who is younger than you! It is a great way to learn something about the world through someone else’s eyes. These 10 ideas that are designed you help you break the generation gap and make your time with someone younger than yourself more enriching and mutually rewarding. Before we start just think back to a time in your life when your were the young person and how awkward it felt sometimes when you were with someone older who just didn’t know what you were about. Old Uncle Nerd and Aunt... Read More


You can’t get what you want until you become the person who can handle what you get. Slowly I am coming to realise the reason why I don’t seem to advance in my life, especially career and finance is because I’m not ready. Instead I am becoming. I might be ready talent wise and externally but internally there is still a bit of work to do. I’m not saying we need to be perfect. Not at all. But ready enough to not make the big mistakes opportunity and advancement can present. Are you wondering why you can’t find the right spouse, job or break through in some area. Have you looked at you? Maybe you know why. It might be fear like I had. Fear of finding yet another terrible job and/or employer or fear of not getting one. Maybe you’ve lost all... Read More

Life… is for Living, 80’s style

Simple Minds: Sanctify from Lifeplan Seminars on Vimeo. The 70’s band Sherbet had an album called Life… is for living. Recently, l danced like a wild person amidst a huge outdoor crowd. Some listening, some jigging about, all having fun. l am reminded of Daryl Braithwaite’s voice and that line, although he wasn’t at the concert. Yes, life is for living. Wyley and l had decided to see Simple Minds, The B52s and supporting them The Models and The Machinations. All bands from the late 70’s and early eighties. The band I was in at that time, The Exploding Cats had supported The Machinations and Models. I love The Models, Sean Kelly’s raw vocals, made even rawer by the 35 degree day were amazing. I felt so sorry for them, it was so hot and after... Read More

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