Renew Your Mind with the “Ten Times Repetition Tool”

As a learning assistant repetition is a tool l use to help my students keep information in their heads. This works particularly well for spelling and times tables. In spelling I’ll get a student to write down a word ten times. By the time the student has written down the word for the tenth time they have a better understanding of how to spell the word. If this principle works for school then let’s use it in our own life. After feeling particularly challenged and overwhelmed this week, I decided to use this Ten Times Repetition Tool to renew the negative thoughts in my mind. Now I know sometimes it will take more than just writing out a statement ten times to change a pattern of negative thinking but it is a good first step. I tried it, above is the statement I chose... Read More

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others!

Compare what Me? Do you find yourself looking at your life and comparing it to others? Or maybe you just look at happy people on Social Media and feel like you are missing out on events or celebrations that others are having. Comparison with others creates pressure. If we compare our lives and circumstances with others this creates two distinct possibilities of building pressure in your life. A hot head instead of a cool cucumber! 1. If we lose the comparison it deflates our self worth and lowers our self-esteem. This can result in envy, jealousy, and sadness. Trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’s ‘ will only end in tears. 2. If we win the comparison we raise ourself above someone and miss an opportunity to help them, if they want help. We can also take on a monster... Read More

What do you do with your INFLUENCE?

Whenever you are in a position of influence it can create divisiveness because you are standing for something.  Was it John Cougar Mellencamp that said “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’? Most people would stand for something at some time in their lives, especially if you are a parent! When you stand for something you are using your influence to attempt to get a result. The definition of influence is ‘the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something. Obviously there are many brands of influence; my parents constantly told me I was’ hanging around with the wrong crowd’. They believed my friends were a bad influence on me, looking back it was probably the other way... Read More

Is your Health Care Professional serving your needs?

If you don’t have the right Health Care Professional then you might be unconsciously operating under your potential and not even know it. Doctors, Dentists, Psychologist, Counsellors and Clinicians are paid to serve you to be your best, but is that happening? I had an undetected issue with my stomach and I couldn’t find a doctor that even took me seriously. I suffered in silence for a long time until someone recommencd their doctor and bingo, I knew after the first appointment this doctor wasn’t going to fob me off. He even told me he would not only find the problem but solve it. He ended up sending me to one of the best bowel specialist in Melbourne, where I had a major operation that did fix my problem. If your doctor doesn’t take you seriously go to... Read More

What are your prejudices based on?

You may be saying ‘I am not a prejudiced person!’ , but underneath the PC exterior there may be some strongly desired preferences. What does it mean to have a prejudice? It’s a ‘preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience’. Recently my lovely wife surprised me with a trip to Sydney to celebrate our anniversary. First I was stunned as I thought it might be a boat ride to Tasmania and I do suffer from not having sea legs. (yep seasickness, there are absolutely no big waves in Colorado where I grew my legs). But after the stun came off, my prejudice of Sydney came up. Why? I hadn’t really ever had any bad experiences there. Was it the old Sydney vs. Melbourne rivalry? Was it based on opinions or experiences of others? Maybe... Read More

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