Hayley’s Story

A truly inspirational story of tragedy turned into triumph. Hayley’s Story from Lifeplan Seminars on Vimeo. Read More

Is your life like an AMUSEMENT Park?

  Recently I spent some time at Luna Park (Both Melbourne and Sydney have these old school amusement parks) and thought about the features of the park. What is it that draws people to an amusement park? Obviously people want to be amused but this time around I had a different perspective that you might find amusing, I hope so anyway. This visit was a 4 hour gastronomical delight on the Ferris Wheel that included 4 courses of 5 star food with matching wines and white linen service, all in the privacy of our gondola. But what I want to share with you is about the various attractions at the park and what makes them attractive. Four hours on a Ferris Wheel gives you a lot of time to think! The Merry-go-Round. This ride reminded me of people who don’t take risks. They... Read More

“I Know Better, I’ve Been There.”

Ever had someone, it’s generally a person who doesn’t know you well, start telling you they know what’s best for you because they’ve been there? Well I’m sure you have. Those words can be fantastically helpful or poison especially when it has to do with your dream or passion. It is well intentioned but the problem is that they don’t know you, they don’t have all the history or see how you have developed as a person. Their situation may sound similar but it’s their situation not yours. I’ve had some good advise like the time I had been waiting eight years for the right man to marry. My friend, who had become engaged, had also waited eight years. Now that was comforting information and gave me hope. And Wyley came along... Read More

On the Edge of Seventeen or just feel like it?

How do you gear up for a good life? I have found the 20’s are a pivotal decade in a person’s life and it’s the choices we make in our teens that can help, a lot. I wish I had realised that when I was in my 20’s actually now I think about it, I remember I dreaded my thirtieth birthday. I didn’t realise why until it dawned on me. At the time I was divorced, living in a rented flat with my 2 year old son and I was struggling to find work. Back in my teens I believed that when I grew up I would have a career, a happy marriage and own a house, white picket fence (you get the picture). Well obviously grown up, to me meant 30. Thirty signaled the defining age where I was a mature adult and I didn’t like what I saw. And I’ve struggled to... Read More

Do New Year’s Resolutions bring Happiness?

  I don’t think I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution in my entire life! Maybe that shows the half-hearted attempts at change that some make near the new year. Because if I have made one, I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER IT, MUCH LESS ACCOMPLISHED IT! The question is, do they work? Do resolutions bring happiness? Or is that even the purpose of resolutions? Everybody wants change even when they are content with the general direction of their lives. If you are happy with life you feel confident to ‘go to the next level’. If you are unhappy with life then you have even greater motivation for change. So a New Year’s resolution might be the tool to make the shift. Simply stated, resolutions only bring happiness if they bring the change that was... Read More

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