Part 2 Miracles


(Continuing our series on Spiritual Warfare)

The devil will stop at nothing to stop us from our miracle, tempting us with healings that are not of God. The devil has a certain amount of power here on this earth so we have to be wary of new treatments, products and services the world has to offer. Simply by purchasing a product or participating in a procedure can let us in for a lot of spiritual junk, we never anticipated.

Deception can be as easy as a cute email/text message telling us if we pass it on we will receive something in return. This type of letter sending started many years ago as chain letter curses. So press the delete button and instead, send your own personal uplifting message to a friend.

Decline that tempting invitation for a free massage. Look up the name of the massage or treatment and find out the originator and their influences. Some forms of exercise and treatments sound very reasonable until you delve deeper. Some Yoga poses seem beneficial but they invite a spirit into the exerciser. All these Eastern disciplines have a metaphysical side to them. Embarking on what seems to be a simple exercise regime can give the devil the right to interfere in our lives because we have crossed over to his turf.

Even ornaments placed in and around our home may be in question. What is their heritage? Do they depict deities or witchcraft symbols? If so, the items need to be disposed of appropriately, preferable by burning or smashing. Crystals, incense and chimes are used in the occult and have qualities that may entice demonic activity. Often they have spells placed on them.

Movies and television can be a trap. I can’t count the times I have had a nightmare after watching a movie that portrayed something that disturbed my spirit. Films that promote questionable morals, witchcraft, excessive violence or provocative images can open the door for spiritual attack, resulting in the enemy robbing our sleep, bombarding our thought life or worse.

When in doubt about anything, ask God. He will show you what to do. After all, he knows what is best for us, and if we trust him he will guide us to become better disciples, able to be effective witnesses for his kingdom.

Mighty warriors stand up, stand firm and do not lose heart for victory is at hand.



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