• In the Bible it says we have to SEEK peace. I think it says that because our bodies, minds and souls are constantly at war with thoughts, physical ailments and soulish desires. God knows this, he made us and that is why he tells us to seek peace. It means to seek with our minds, body and heart where peace can be found. When we are feeling anxious we are to put our mind, body and heart to peaceful things. It could be peaceful music, poetry, inspiring verses, taking our thoughts and turning our circumstances from negative into positive allowing them into a place of peace. Maybe doing some gentle exercise or resting your body by taking a nap.

  • It means making PEACE a priority in our lives.
Peace is a state we usually think we either have or don’t. If we have it well and good but if not our aggitated state can lead to frustration, then anger resulting in a lack of joy.
Starting the day with peace as your base changes everything.
I know what I’m talking about l work with kids.
In my job as a learning assistant, l can’t even allow myself to get frustrated (although sometimes l do:). It’s usually because circumstances are out of my control or l expect a better result. I am learning in this job some circumstances are not in my control and l can’t raise my expectations.
So in the morning l make it deliberate choice to find my peace. In the bible it talks about searching for peace.
How do you find your peace?
My way of finding peace is reminding myself that l can’t control children’s learning. I can only do my best to help them if they want to learn. I ask God for wisdom, knowledge and His guidence as l go through my day. When my school kids go off (refusal to work, or a behavior meltdown) during a session l immediately tell myself to stay calm no matter what. If l do feel like losing it myself, (I’m only human after all) l will leave, get a drink and give myself positive realistic selftalk. It’s in the seeking that l find my peace again.

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