READING, Improving your Mind

Books Reading is one thing you can do to improve YOU.

The benefits from reading will amaze you. In conversation you will become a more interesting person with the ability to converse on varied topics. You will be able to help others with your knowledge, if you don’t ram it down down their throats, presuming you know it all. Not only are novels entertaining and relaxing taking us to another world but there are books that you can ponder, weigh up different concepts and be challenged in your views. There are books that inspire you when you on your journey in life.

In our quick fix society we often forgo the many paged book for a three minute You Tube video but will you get wisdom, knowledge, thought provoking depth that a good book can only give you? I’d say no.

I have a pile of different books by my bedside. Always my Bible and journal, then there are books on plays, playwriting, film scripts on my tablet, scriptwriting books, an inspiring biography, assorted spiritual development books. Then in depth filmmaking books on lens, cameras, framing, personal development and leadership books plus one or two food/health related books. Whew! I think thats all. I really should have a bookcase.

Get the most out of your reading by reading an assortment of books

1. For a general read I like biographies because they will give you a personal story but relate insights into how people respond to situations in their life while also inspiring the reader to a greater vision. Even if the person’s life wasn’t that redeeming we can always relate it to how we are living our lives.

2. When choosing a personal development book keep in mind the area you are struggling with. If you don’t know check out the titles; sometimes a title will leap at me and I know that is the one for me. Remember the book can’t make you change only you can by chewing over its content and applying it.

3. Read a newspaper occasionaly. Find out what’s going on in the world. Don’t get too bogged down by reading too much current affairs, it’s depressing and who really wants to hear all your views on politics, no one, not even your local MP.

4. Tackle books that will challenge you. If it’s too easy put it down.

5. Read with a dictionary at hand and look up all the words you don’t understand and even the ones you think you know.

6. Some books will need to be read more than once to get a full understanding of the text. It is up to you to choose which books will need a second and even third reading.

7. Check the speed of your reading. Sometimes when we read slowly we often don’t understand the meaning of the text because our mind moves quickly, it gets bored and lets other thoughts in. Try speeding up a little and you will be amazed at how much information you can retain. If the topic is informational keep a notebook and jot down notes.

I hope these ideas will help you get the most out of your reading.

What books have had the greatest impact on your life?

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