Are you running on the right FUEL?

Back in September our blog (CLICK HERE) was about duel fuel and the concept of having more than one job or career to fuel your lifestyle. That having a multi-faceted aspect to your work life was very liberating to some of our readers. After some quiet time at the beach I’d like to take that same concept into a deeper part of life. Actually looking what kind of fuel you run on every day, day in day out.

Now obviously our physical bodies run on our diet. WHEN WE EAT WELL, THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE WE WILL RUN WELL! And the opposite is true if we eat food that doesn’t have good nutrients, eventually our bodies will lack in performance. The same is true in the deeper areas of our life. The soul or spiritual areas of our life also run on fuel, but from an entirely different source.

Are we talking about SOUL FOOD? Yes and no. No not deep-fat fried southern chicken, chitlins and grits (yum:). Yes, the other soul, defined by some as; the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. Others define SOUL as the mind, the will and our emotions. Whatever definition you prefer stay with me on this as you might find this helpful.

We all run on some kind of fuel. Our belief system is what keeps us going when life doesn’t make sense. Walking alone on the beach I was reminded of two separate occasions I put the wrong fuel in two different cars. First time was diesel fuel in a petrol car. Second time was petrol (gasoline) in a diesel car. I know what you are thinking, slow learner. I was asking ‘why am I reminded of this now?’ The answer came in my spirit…’because you have been running on the wrong fuel and that is why you lost momentum last year’!

The obvious question that was on my lips was, “what is the right fuel?” Instantly deep within me I heard ‘TRUTH IS THE FUEL THAT DOESN’T RUN OUT”! That might mean something different to everyone reading this blog, but I knew what it meant to me without doubt.

Please share what your truth is and what sustains you when you run out of earthly fuel.

Cheers, Wyley

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