Sowing & Reaping Part 1


There is a principle called Sowing & Reaping.

When we plant a seed and take care of it by feeding it and watering it we can expect a harvest of whatever we have planted. Sow corn and you will reap corn. Don’t plant an apple tree and expect oranges to grow. It just doesn’t work like that. The same can be said of people, you can’t expect to reap happy enthusiastic people in your family when you plant seeds of anger, control and sarcasm. The “I was only joking” doesn’t cut it. Nine out of ten times you probably were not joking.

We need to put the principle of sowing and reaping to work for us and others. If we want to gain respect we need to sow respect in others. This is sometimes challenging because often the person doesn’t deserve the resect. Nevertheless, we need to sow that respect.

I remember an incident I had on a train as a teenager. Back when I was a cool musician I never smiled at anyone. I just cast my gaze away from people. This day I was headed for rehearsal and was silently lamenting my own personal lack of rehearsal and what that was going to do to the band rehearsal. I was in a band with two black belt karate brothers who did not tolerate a lack lustre performance so I was nervous. They could kick me out of the band literally. I actually prayed to God to show me a sign that everything would go well. I got off the train and started walking when a boy of about eight came towards me, he looked at me and smiled the best smile straight at me as he past by. I felt so good I smiled back. It was a great rehearsal, with the guys comending me on my playing. The boy sowed a smile and got one in return.

But don’t be upset if you sow and don’t reap someone else is sure to get it and that blessing could be so amazing you would never believe it.

So now it’s your turn. 

Have you sowed into anyone today or recently tell us about it? 


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