Sowing & Reaping Part 2


What are you sowing?

Are you sowing negativity, anger, manipulation, depression, meanness, envy.

When you are the presence of others do you radiate hostile vibes? Is it because you are uncomfortable in the situation or not getting your own way? Remember also, there is a fine line between being honest and being honest. Do you give people information they would rather not have? People don’t care about you they care about themselves. So being easy to be with will get you more invitations, maybe even promotions.

I sometimes make the mistake of talking too much when I’m excited. It’s something I need to work on.

When we sow these seeds we reap misunderstanding it can cost us friendships and or valuable business contacts.

If we sow kindness, patience, peace, love, gentleness, mercy and humility then we will reap a harvest of the same from others.

  1. Maybe we need to cultivate those traits before we sow them.
  2. What do these words mean to you? Because if you are hard to be around you will need to find the definition of kindness, patience, love, gentleness, mercy and humility.
  3. What would the words look like in action with others? Maybe work on one at a time. Finding different actions for each one and trying them out on people.

At first you will reap a greater love for people. And if that is the only reward it is a great one. But I assure you it won’t be.

Don’t get discouraged because sowing requires patience and persistence before reaping begins but it is worth all the time and energy. People are worth it.

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